Magnesium Alloys and their Applications

Magnesium Alloys and their Applications

Editor(s): K. U. Kainer

Published Online: 15 MAY 2006

Print ISBN: 9783527302826

Online ISBN: 9783527607556

DOI: 10.1002/3527607552

About this Book

The need for light-weight materials, especially in the automobile industry, created renewed interest in innovative applications of magnesium materials. This demand has resulted in increased research and development activity in companies and research institutes in order to achieve an improved property profile and better choice of alloy systems.
Here, development trends and application potential in different fields like the automotive industry and communication technology are discussed in an interdisciplinary framework.

Table of contents

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    2. Creep Resistant Mg Alloy Development (pages 29–34)

      Ketil Pettersen, Håkon Westengen, Jan Ivar Skar, Marianne Videm and Liu-Ying Wei

    3. Effects of Alloying Elements of the Creep Resistance of Thixomolded Mg-Al-Ca-X (X=Si, Zn, Mm, Ba, Sr) Alloys (pages 47–52)

      Tadayoshi Tsukeda, Ryouhei Uchida, Ken Saito, Mayumi Suzuki, Jun-ichi Koike, Kouichi Maruyama and Hiroshi Kubo

    4. Studies on Cadmium and Silver Trace Element Modified AZ91C Magnesium Alloy (pages 65–72)

      Rajashekhar Shabadi, Rajan Ambat, E. S. Dwarakadasa, K. L. Bhat and V. Gopalakrishnan

    5. Aging Response of Mg-Rare Earth Alloys with Low Scandium Content (pages 92–97)

      Bohumil Smola, Ivana Stulíková, Jitka Pelcová, Frank von Buch and Barry L. Mordike

    6. Phase Equilibria, Microstructure and Properties of Novel Mg-Mn-Y Alloys (pages 98–102)

      Alexander Pisch, Caroline Antion, Catherine Tassin, Francis Baillet, Joachim Gröbner and Rainer Schmid-Fetzer

    7. Heat and Corrosion Resistance of Mg-Zn-Al-Ca Alloys (pages 110–115)

      I. A. Anyanwu, T. Honda, S. Kamado, Y. Kojima, S. Takeda and T. Ishida

    8. Thermal Fatigue of Magnesium Matrix Composites (pages 229–233)

      Frantis̆ek Chmelík, Pavel Lukác̆, Stanislav Kúdela, Jens Kiehn, Barry Leslie Mordike and Karl-Ulrich Kainer

    9. Flow Mechanisms in Creep of an AZ 91 Magnesium-based Composite (pages 246–251)

      Vaclav Sklenicka, Marie Pahutova, Kveta Kucharova, Milan Svoboda and Terence G. Langdon

    10. The Grain Size Dependence of Strength in the Extruded AZ91 Mg Alloy (pages 280–284)

      M. Mabuchi, Y. Yamada, K. Shimojima, C. E. Wen, Y. Chino, M. Nakamura, T. Asahina, H. Iwasaki, T. Aizawa and K. Higashi

    11. Superplasticity of Magnesium-based Alloys (pages 342–347)

      Ulrich Draugelates, Antonia Schram and Claus-Christian Kedenburg

    12. Deformation and Fracture Behavior of Magnesium Structural Components (pages 359–364)

      Andrea Ockewitz, Christoph Schendera, Dong-Zhi Sun, Bernd Grosser and Andreas Hamann

    13. Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of AZ91 Mg Foams (pages 571–576)

      Cui'e Wen, Yasuo Yamada, Koji Shimojima, Mamoru Mabuchi, Mamoru Nakamura, Tadashi Asahina, Tatsuhiko Aizawa and Kenji Higashi

    14. Semi Solid Injection Molding of Magnesium Alloys (pages 577–583)

      Andreas Dworog, Marc Kothen, Dierk Hartmann, Karl Kuhmann and Christian Boehnke

    15. Characterization of Melt Spun Mg-Ca-Zn Alloys (pages 584–589)

      P. M. Jardim, I. G. Solórzano, J. B. Vander Sande, B. S. You and W. W. Park

    16. Simulation of Open-cell Magnesium Foams under Dynamic Loading (pages 639–644)

      K. Shimojima, M. Mabuchi, Y. Yamada, C. E. Wen, Y. Chino, M. Nakamura, T. Asahina, T. Aizawa and K. Higashi

    17. Processing of Cellular Magnesium Alloy (pages 645–650)

      Yasuo Yamada, Cui'e Wen, Koji Shimojima, Mamoru Mabuchi, Mamoru Nakamura, Tadashi Asahina, Tatsuhiko Aizawa and Kenji Higashi

    18. Semi-solid Forming of New Mg-Zn-Al-Ca Alloys (pages 651–656)

      Shigeharu Kamado, Naoyuki Ikeya, Rachmat Suhardi Rudi, Tomomi Araki and Yo Kojima

    19. Creep of Mg-Zn-Al-Alloys (pages 693–698)

      M. Vogel, O. Kraft, E. Arzt, E. D. Reese and R. Rauh

    20. Creep Behavior and Deformation Substructures of Thixomolded Mg-Al-Ca Alloys (pages 699–704)

      Mayumi Suzuki, Jun-ichi Koike, Kouichi Maruyama, Tadayoshi Tsukeda, Ken Saito and Hiroshi Kubo

    21. Microstructure and Creep Properties of Die-cast Mg-Al-base Alloys AZ91and AS21 (pages 716–721)

      Ping Zhang, Roberto Agamennone, Wolfgang Blum, Berthold von Grossmann and Hans-Günther Haldenwanger

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