The Aptamer Handbook: Functional Oligonucleotides and Their Applications

The Aptamer Handbook: Functional Oligonucleotides and Their Applications

Editor(s): Sven Klussmann

Published Online: 6 JUN 2006

Print ISBN: 9783527310593

Online ISBN: 9783527608195

DOI: 10.1002/3527608192

About this Book

In The Aptamer Handbook, leading scientists from academia as well as biotech and pharma companies introduce the revolutionary concept of designing RNA and DNA oligonucleotides with novel functions by in vitro selection. These functions comprise high affinity binding (aptamers), catalytic activity (ribozymes and deoxyribozymes) or combinations of binding and catalytic properties (aptazymes).
Basic concepts and technologies describing in detail how these functional oligonucleotides can be identified are presented. Numerous examples demonstrate the versatility of in vitro selected oligonucleotides. Special emphasis has been put on a section that shows the broad applicability of aptamers, e. g. in target validation, for analytics, or as new therapeutics.
This first overview in the field is of prime interest for a broad audience of scientists both in academia and in industry who wish to expand their knowledge on the potential of new oligonucleotide functions and their applications.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: History and Theoretical Background

  2. Part 2: In Vitro Selection of Target-binding Oligonucleotides

    1. Chapter 4

      Aptamers to Small Molecules (pages 94–115)

      Heiko Fickert, Iris G. Fransson and Ulrich Hahn

    2. Chapter 6

      Aptamers to Proteins (pages 131–166)

      Shahid M. Nimjee, Christopher P. Rusconi and Bruce A. Sullenger

    3. Chapter 7

      Aptamers to Nucleic Acid Structures (pages 167–190)

      Jean-Jacques Toulmé, Fabien Darfeuille, Carmelo Di Primo and Eric Dausse

  3. Part 3: In Vitro Selection of Short, Catalytically Active Oligonucleotides

    1. Chapter 9

      Catalytically Active RNA Molecules: Tools in Organic Chemistry (pages 210–227)

      Barbara-Sylvia Weigand, Andreas Zerressen, Jörg C. Schlatterer, Mark Helm and Andres Jäschke

  4. Part 4: Applications and Outlook

    1. Chapter 17

      Properties of Therapeutic Aptamers (pages 363–416)

      Sharon T. Cload, Thomas G. McCauley, Anthony D. Keefe, Judith M. Healy and Charles Wilson

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