Stem Cell Transplantation: Biology, Processing, and Therapy

Stem Cell Transplantation: Biology, Processing, and Therapy

Editor(s): Anthony D. Ho, Ronald Hoffman, Esmail D. Zanjani

Published Online: 28 AUG 2006

Print ISBN: 9783527310180

Online ISBN: 9783527608744

DOI: 10.1002/3527608745

About this Book

This is the first handbook on the whole field of stem cell research covering (1) molecular and cellular fundamentals, (2) clinical applications and (3) GMP processing. It provides a timely overview of the potential and plasticity of adult stem cells. With its focus on standardization and quality control of cell lines suited for processing and clinical trials, the book features novel therapeutic approaches that offer great promise for new ways of treating neural, hematological and cardiovascular diseases.
The editors are leading international experts in adult stem cell research, and their successful networking in the US and Europe has resulted in a distinguished team of authors from around the world.

Table of contents

  1. Part IV: Clinical Trials

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    2. Chapter 14

      Adoptive Immunotherapy: Guidelines and Clinical Practice (pages 221–231)

      Hans-Jochem Kolb, Christoph Schmid, Iris Bigalke, Raymund Buhmann, Belinda Simoes, Ting Yang, Johanna Tischer, Michael Stanglmaier, Horst Lindhofer, Christine Falk and Georg Ledderose

  2. Part I: Stem Cell Biology

  3. Part II: Standardization and Quality Assurance of Stem Cell Preparations

    1. Chapter 7

      The Clonal Activity of Marked Hematopoietic Stem Cells (pages 107–118)

      Jingqiong Hu, Manfred Schmidt, Annette Deichmann, Hanno Glimm and Christof von Kalle

  4. Part III: On the Threshold to Clinical Applications

    1. Chapter 11

      Mesenchymal Stem Cells as Vehicles for Genetic Targeting of Tumors (pages 157–175)

      Frank Marini, Brett Hall, Jennifer Dembinski, Matus Studeny, A. Kate Sasser and Michael Andreeff

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