Stress in Health and Disease

Stress in Health and Disease

Editor(s): Bengt B. Arnetz, Rolf Ekman

Published Online: 21 AUG 2006

Print ISBN: 9783527312214

Online ISBN: 9783527609154

DOI: 10.1002/3527609156

About this Book

This book is the first to address the most urgent issues, combining a solid basic research approach with applied individual and stress issues, including interventions. Throughout, the focus is on our latest knowledge about various causes of stress and its neuro-cognitive and biological implications. World-renowned authors from Europe as well as the US describe how stress affects the brain of young people as well as adults. They cover the topic from all perspectives, showing how stress affects life in general, from the societal and organizational level to the individual, organ and molecular level. While the book clearly points out stress as a risk factor to health, it also offers a number of evidence-based methods to cope with stress and even ride the positive energy of stress - both as an individual, as well as what managers can do to create a healthy and productive workplace.
Written in a reader-friendly and appealing style, the book provides real-life examples from various laboratories, as well as such events as the Volvo Ocean Race, the largest around-the-globe sailing competition.
Essential reading for clinicians and biologists, as well as for a wide range of students, including medicine and public health, but also managers and HR staff.

With a Foreword by Nobel Laureate Professor Arvid Carlsson (Medicine 2000).

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: A Multifaceted View of Stress

  2. Part 2: Stress at the Societal and Organizational Level

  3. Part 3: Stress and Brain Plasticity

    1. Chapter 9

      Neurobiological and Behavioral Consequences of Exposure to Childhood Traumatic Stress (pages 180–195)

      Martin H. Teicher, Jacqueline A. Samson, Akemi Tomoda, Majed Ashy and Susan L. Andersen

  4. Part 4: Stress and the Individual

    1. Chapter 18

      Oxidative Inflammatory Stress in Obesity and Diabetes (pages 307–316)

      Paresh Dandona, Ahmad Aljada, Ajay Chaudhuri and Husam Ghanim

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