Towards 4G Technologies: Services with Initiative

Towards 4G Technologies: Services with Initiative

Editor(s): Hendrik Berndt

Published Online: 1 APR 2008

Print ISBN: 9780470010310

Online ISBN: 9780470010334

DOI: 10.1002/9780470010334

Series Editor(s): David Hutchison

About this Book

Find out how the exciting new developments towards 4G mobile services and technologies will put the user at centre stage.

Towards 4G Technologies provides a comprehensive explanation of future networking and service delivering technologies for next generation mobile systems. The authors explain how personalization, mobile middleware, peer-to-peer services, semantic computing, and content-awareness fit into this new concept and why they will become a necessity for future mobile services. The book presents the latest challenges and opportunities of Next Generation Mobile Systems, explaining new paradigms of service provisioning that include flexible and adaptable services. Towards 4G Technologies:

  • Gives a comprehensive description of future networking and service delivering technologies.
  • Covers hot topics such as intelligent user profiling, proactive service selection, context-aware service provisioning and ubiquitous computing.
  • Introduces seemingly diverse technologies to show how they will play together to create a new user experience.
  • Includes case studies to illustrate the theory.

This invaluable guide will provide telecoms engineers in R&D departments, CTOs, and telecoms managers as well as academic researchers in electrical, electronic engineering and telecommunications with a comprehensive understanding of next generation mobile system technologies and services.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: The Pillars of a New Architecture

    1. Chapter 2

      Mobile Communication Networks (pages 15–50)

      Christian Prehofer, Christian Bettstetter and Jörg Widmer

  2. Part II: Foundations of Smart Service Provisioning

  3. Part III: Services and their Intelligent Embedding in the Environment

    1. Chapter 11

      Contextual Intelligence (pages 235–247)

      Matthias Wagner, Marko Luther and Massimo Paolucci

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