Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry

Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry

Online ISBN: 9780470027318

DOI: 10.1002/9780470027318

About this Book

The most comprehensive one-stop reference for analytical chemistry

The highly-acclaimed Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry provides a much-needed professional level reference work for the 21st Century. The Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive analytical chemistry reference available, covering all aspects from theory and instrumentation through to applications and techniques.

The Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry is the essential cross-disciplinary reference work for all analytical chemists in academia and industry. All fields of chemical research are covered: analytical, organic, physical, polymer, inorganic biomedical, environmental, pharmaceutical, industrial, petroleum, forensics, and food science.

  • All articles have been written by specialists in the field, and peer reviewed by experts, ensuring both accuracy and clarity.
  • Over 6500 illustrations – many in colour
  • Every article features an extensive bibliography of relevant book and journal citations, providing references for further reading.

The chemistry and techniques are described as performed in the laboratory (environmental, clinical, QC, research, university), in the field, or by remote sensing. The level of detail is similar to that of a laboratory protocol and, together with the cited references, will support the analysis of complex inorganic, organic and biological structures by academic and industrial researchers. The Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry also facilitates preparation of procedures, protocols, and "cookbooks" by managers and staff of laboratories.

Praise for the Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry :

"...will be of great value for all scientists employing and interpreting analytical methods. Libraries in universities, governmental organizations and industrial enterprises are strongly recommended to buy the work." Angewandte Chemie-International Edition

"it is a truly magnificent set of fifteen volumes.... It is extremely well produced with many clear and instructive diagrams, spectra and photographs..." The Alchemist

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Message from the Editor-in-Chief


Our team of over 1000 authors, 800 peer reviewers and more than 40 Section Editors, and 11 Editorial Board members, including three Nobel Laureates, prepared the 623 in-depth articles that comprised the Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry (EAC) which was published in 2001 as a print edition and in 2007 was made available online. Our Encyclopedia is a tightly organized and clearly massive effort, with the complementary goals of providing:

·        The largest, most comprehensive and authoritative compendium of analytical chemistry in existence.  

·        Articles at a level such that an organic, polymer, inorganic, or biochemist, a molecular biologist, or a physicist or engineer (environmental, industrial or materials) can study any analyte, in any matrix, for any purpose or application; interpret the results; and also gain a thorough knowledge of the theory and instrumentation utilized.

Twenty-six Assistant Editors have joined the team and have reviewed the articles in the Encyclopedia to determine which should be updated and which new topics should be added, that have become prominent since the original print edition was prepared,. This selection, recruiting, and peer review effort has resulted in the online publication of over 90 new articles to-date, constituting 15% completely new or updated content. The EAC team plans to continue adding new content at the rate of about 10% per year over the next few years.

Thus, EAC, as it exists today, is accurate and serves all of the above purposes for the scientific community, but we also recognize that advances continue to occur at a rapid rate, such that each article must be regularly evaluated and updated with new techniques and theory. There are also many new analytical methods emerging, which are evolving to the point where they should be added to EAC. Our goal is that EAC will be up-to-date with the latest advances within each year, such that the Encyclopedia, at any point in time, will always be the most current compendium of analytical chemistry in existence.

Robert A. Meyers, Ph.D.

June 2010




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