Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry

Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry

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DOI: 10.1002/9780470027318

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New content publishes online within Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry 4x per year to ensure that it remains the most comprehensive analytical chemistry reference available. There are approximately 60 new and updated articles a year, covering many aspects of analytical chemistry.

The most recent update was March 2016. View the new and updated articles here:

Chromatographic Techniques in Industrial Hygiene
Glow Discharge Optical Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry
Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry
Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Miniature and Tabletop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers
Detection of Nuclear DNA by Interphase Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization
Some Philosophical Aspects of Analytical Chemistry
Evolution of the Targets in Environmental Analysis
Quality Control in Foods, State of the Art and Prospects
Carbon-Based Luminescent Nanosensors
Solid Sample Preparations and Applications for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

Other previous articles published:

December 2015

Industrial Wastes and Waste Dumps, Sampling and Analysis
Soil Instrumental Methods
Capillary Electrophoresis of Nucleic Acids
Mass Spectrometry of Nucleic Acids
Full Range Crudes, Analytical Methodology of
Noble Metals, Analytical Chemistry of
Application of Infrared Multiphoton Microscopy in Biological Studies
Trends in Multiresidue Analysis

September 2015

Proteoglycans and Acidic Polysaccharides Analysis
Herbicide Residues in Biota, Analysis of
Ion Dissociation Methods in Proteomics
Boronate Affinity Chromatography
MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Biological Structures
Application of Second Harmonic Imaging Microscopy in Biological Studies
Swansea and Nantgarw Porcelain Bodies Based on Analytical Evidence: A Case Study

June 2015

Bioanalytical Chemistry, Biosensors
Electroanalytical Methods Based on Hybrid Nanomaterials
Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry in Environmental Analysis
Organic Analysis in Environmental Samples by Capillary Electrophoresis
Structured Materials for Sensing Applications
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Organics in Environmental Analysis
Historical Pigments: A Survey of Analytical Chemical Archaeometric Usage and Terminology for Forensic Art Analysis
Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation of Colloidal Suspensions
Analytical Perspectives on the Use of Dried Blood Spots and Mass Spectrometry in Newborn Screening
Abatement of Polybrominated Molecules by Various Radiative Methods
Gas Chromatography and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography with Selective Detection in Pesticide Analysis
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Analysis of Crudes and Transportation Fuels
Raman Spectroscopy in Food and Seawater Analysis

March 2015

Microextraction Techniques Based on the Combination of Agitation and Extraction in the Same Device
Roles of Nebulizers in Analytical Chemistry
Field-Flow Fractionation with Atomic Spectrometric Detection for Characterization of Engineered Nanoparticles
Electron Microscopic Study of the Human Tooth Enamel: The Central Dark Line
Infrared Spectroscopy in Microbiology
Single-molecule Fluorescence Imaging Techniques
Chemometrics of Ultrafast Time-Resolved Spectroscopy Data
Distances and Other Dissimilarity Measures in Chemometrics
Atomic Fluorescence in Environmental Analysis
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Inorganics in Environmental Analysis
Microfluidics for the Analysis of the Adhesion and Migration of Mammalian Cells
Electron Microscopic Study of the Human Tooth Enamel: The Central Dark Line
Handheld Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Instruments and Their Applications
Defining Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography
Decellularization Techniques for Tissue Engineering
Electrozone Sensing Goes Nano
Light Scattering, Classical: Size and Size Distribution Characterization
Liquid Chromatography-Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry of Synthetic Polymers
Size-exclusion Chromatography Gradients
Application of Two-dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy in Protein Research
Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Art and Archaeological Materials
Coincidence, Resonant, and High-Energy Electron Spectroscopies--Resonant Auger, Electron Coincidence for Surface Analysis
Applications of Portable Near-Infrared Spectrometers

December 2014

Potentiometric Nanostructured Sensors
Handheld Raman Spectrometers and Their Applications
Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometry Imaging
Current Electrospray Mass Spectrometry: an Overview. Part A. Analyte Atomization
Current Electrospray Mass Spectrometry: An Overview. Part B. Analyte Charging
Raman Optical Activity

September 2014

Solid-Phase Extraction
Quantitative Glycomics by Mass Spectrometry and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
C-13 Chemical-Shift Tensors in Organic Materials
Chemometrics Applied to NMR Analysis
Calculating NMR Chemical Shifts and J-Couplings for Heavy Element Compounds
Sequencing Strategies and Tactics in DNA and RNA Analysis
Advances in Small- and Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering SAXS and WAXS of Proteins
Separation of Peptide Diastereomers
Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy: New Developments and Applications
Soft X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy in Analysis of Surfaces
Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy in Natural Product Research
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as Analytical Tool for Crude Plant Extracts
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Small Molecules in Natural Products
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Large Molecules in Natural Products
New Developments of Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry in Plant Analysis
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Analysis of Plant Alkaloids
Identification and Characterization of Hydroxycinnamates of Six Galium Species from the Rubiaceae Family
Identification and Characterization of Trimeric Proanthocyanidins of Two Members of the Rhododendron Genus (Ericaceae) by Liquid Chromatography Multi-Stage Mass Spectrometry
Coumarins: Analytical and Preparative Techniques
Naphthoquinones and Anthraquinones: Chemical, Analytical, and Biological Overview
Plant Sesquiterpenes and other Terpenoids
Analysis of Plant Saponins
Plant Cardiotonic Glycosides
Chemical Analysis of Bryophytes
Cyclotide Analysis
Phenotyping of Plants
Identification of Medicinal Plants Using DNA Barcoding Technique
Transcriptome Analysis of Medicinal Plant with Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies
Microarrays in Medicinal Plant Analysis
Plant Small RNAs
Metabolomics: Experimental Design, Methodology and Data Analysis
Quality Assessment of Herbal Drugs and Medicinal Plant Products

June 2014

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography and Ultra-high Pressure Liquid Chromatography of Plants: Basic Concepts
High-Throughput Screening of Plant Chemodiversity
In Silico-Guided Strategies for the Discovery and Rationalization of Bioactive Natural Products
Innovative Strategies in the Search for Bioactive Plant Constituents
Liquid Chromatography and Liquid Chromatograpy-Mass Spectrometry of Plants: Techniques and Applications
Microscopic Analysis of Plants
Multivariate Data Analysis of Plants
Mycotoxins Contamination in Food: Alternative Plant Preservatives, Legislation and Detection Methods
New Trends in the Extraction of Natural Products: Microwave-Assisted Extraction and Pressurized Liquid Extraction
On-line and At-line Liquid Chromatography Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Related Micro-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methods in Natural Product Analysis
Plant Proteomics
Plant Steroids: Occurrence, Biological Significance and their Analysis
Selection, Identification and Collection of Plants for Analysis
Solid-Phase Microextraction and its Application to Natural Products
Strategies for the Analysis of Plant Lipids
Strategies in the Analysis of Plant Flavonoids
Supercritical Fluid Extraction in Plant Analysis
Thin-layer Chromatography of Plants, with Chemical and Biological Detection Methods
Xanthones from Marine-Derived Microorganisms: Isolation, Structure Elucidation and Biological Activities
Raman Spectroscopy in Analysis of Biomolecules
Investigation of Pollution in Rivers and Groundwater by Fluorescence
Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence of Photosynthetic Complexes
New Sample Preparation Strategies for Analytical Determinations
Microspectroscopy in the Mid-Infrared
Advances in Fiber Diffraction of Macromolecular Assembles

March 2014

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry in On-Site Analysis of Chemicals Related to the Chemical Weapons Convention
Ricin Analysis
Multiresidue Analysis: State of the Art and Prospects
Sample Treatment Strategies for Capillary Electrophoresis Analysis
Supramolecular Solvents in the Analytical Process
Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (HILIC) of Small Molecules