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DOI: 10.1002/9780470034590

Author Guidelines


Questions about format, submission dates, etc., should be directed to the Project Editor, Elke Morice-Atkinson, at Wiley: emr@wiley.com.

Questions about the scientific content of your article should be addressed to your Section Editor.

Wiley's position on the major ethical principles of academic publishing, which are applied to contributions to eMagRes, can be found with the Best Practice Guidelines on Publication Ethics here.

· Please follow the Contributor Instructions when writing your article.
· Please adhere to the contracted length of your article. Please remember that the contracted length includes all figures, tables, and the reference list.
· Please include an abstract and 5-10 keywords with your manuscript.
· Please ensure that you obtain all necessary permission for any material reused from other copyrighted publications (including unpublished reports and material from the Internet), using RightsLink.

Instructions for Contributors
Follow the link below to download the complete Contributor Instructions, the guide to writing your article. This should answer your questions about the format of your article, but if you have additional queries please contact the Project Editor at emr@wiley.com.

eMagRes Contributor Instructions

Where appropriate, at the time of manuscript acceptance, we ask each author, including the corresponding author, to complete his or her own International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement. Information about this form is available here.

Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Statement

Copyright Permission for Re-published Material
If you want to reuse material which has previously been published elsewhere (including unpublished reports or on the Internet), you MUST obtain written permission from the copyright holder. In view of the inconvenience and expense often involved, authors may prefer not to use copyright material in their article. Please use the RightsLink. If you are unable to source your permission from RightsLink, then please follow the link below to our standard copyright permission request form. This document, signed by the copyright holder, is necessary in order for us to publish your article. Please return all of your completed copyright permission forms to the Project Editor.

Copyright Permission Request form

Cross-references to other relevant articles in eMagRes significantly enhance the value of your article. Cross-references can be placed both in the body of an article ('inline cross references'), or as a list at the end of the article ('Related Articles').

'Inline cross references' refer the reader to other articles which give more detailed information on the topic being discussed at that point.
'Related Articles' cross-references are a list of other articles on related topics which the reader may find of interest.

Please include cross-references in your article wherever you feel that they would be useful. Please use the target article's Unique ID number in your cross-reference. You can identify an article's Unique ID number by taking the last 10 characters of the DOI number, for example:

Abdominal MRA
DOI 10.1002/9780470034590. emrstm0001
so Unique ID number = emrstm0001.

Sample Articles
For an idea of the format and style of eMagRes articles, please take a look at these sample articles.