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RF Coils Virtual Issue

Welcome to the Virtual Issue on RF Coils

Radiofrequency (RF) coils are the “antennae” of NMR and EPR spectrometers, used to both stimulate and receive the NMR or EPR signals acquired to observe the structure or chemistry of materials in physical or living samples. RF coils can take many forms from lumped element solenoids resonant at 10MHz to 100GHz EPR cavities. Coil circuits range from single, passive LC loops to electronically controlled, multiple element phased arrays, to cryogenically cooled probe-heads. Coil applications vary broadly as well, including diagnostic imaging of the human body to spectroscopic determination of empirical formulae of organic molecules. The RF coil is the component of the MRI system by which the MRI signal is stimulated and received or lost. Therefore informed specification, design, construction, evaluation and application of properly selected RF coils are critical to the safe and successful MRI scan.

 RF Coils for MRI

This virtual issue brings together a selection of articles published online in eMagRes and within the eMagRes Handbook - RF Coils for MRI - available to purchase in print and as an e-book.

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Nested Surface Coils for Multinuclear NMR

Receiver Loop Arrays

Birdcage Volume Coil Design

Receiver Design for MR

A Standard Procedure for Analyzing Radio Frequency MRI Coils

RF Device Safety and Compatibility


 RF Coils for MRI

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