Wiley Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering

Wiley Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering

Online ISBN: 9780470050118

DOI: 10.1002/9780470050118

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  1. Applications
  2. Computer Vision
  3. Computing Milieux
  4. Data
  5. Foundation and Theory
  6. Hardware and Architecture
  7. Image Processing and Visualization
  8. Information Systems
  9. Parallel and Distributed Systems
    1. Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
    2. Algorithm-Based Fault-Tolerant Cryptography
    3. Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks
    4. Authentication, Access Control, and Information Flow
    5. Clusters and Grids
    6. Communication-Induced Checkpointing Protocols and Rollback-Dependency Trackability: A Survey
    7. Coordination and Synchronization: Designing Practical Detectors for Large-Scale Distributed Systems
    8. Distributed Databases
    9. Distributed File Systems
    10. Electronic Data Interchange
    11. Failure Detectors for Asynchronous Distributed Systems: An Introduction
    12. Gradient-Based Optimization Techniques for Discrete Event Systems Simulation
    13. Information Age
    14. Metropolitan Area Networks
    15. Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
    16. Multicast Protocols and Algorithms
    17. Network Flow and Congestion Control
    18. Network Reliability and Fault-Tolerance
    19. Network Security Fundamentals
    20. Optical Communication
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      Parallel and Vector Programming Languages
    22. Parallel Architectures
    23. Parallel Database Management Systems
    24. Parallel Programming Tools
    25. Peer-to-Peer Communication
    26. Programming Models: Client–Server, Process Groups, and Peer-to-Peer
    27. Queueing Theory
    28. Real-Time Systems: An Introduction and the State-of-the-Art
    29. Robust Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems
    30. Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Services
    31. Shared Memory Multiprocessors
    32. Software Engineering for Telecommunications Systems
    33. Specification Formalisms and Models
    34. Time and State in Asynchronous Distributed Systems
    35. Transport Layer
    36. Video Conferencing and IP Telephony
    37. Wide Area Networks
    38. WiMAX Networks
  10. Software