Encyclopedia of Environmetrics

Encyclopedia of Environmetrics

Online ISBN: 9780470057339

DOI: 10.1002/9780470057339

About this Book

A comprehensive overview of environmetric research and its applications...

The Encyclopedia of Environmetrics covers the development and application of quantitative methods in the environmental sciences. It provides essential tools for understanding, predicting, and controlling the impacts of agents, both man-made and natural, which affect the environment. Basic and applied research in this area covers a broad range of topics. Primary among these are the quantitative sciences, such as statistics, probability and applied mathematics, chemometrics, and econometrics. Applications are also important, for example in, ecology and environmental biology, public health, atmospheric science, geology, engineering, risk management, and regulatory/governmental policy amongst others.

Presenting state of the art information in a readable, highly accessible style, the scope and coverage provided by the Encyclopedia of Environmetrics will ensure its place as the landmark reference for the many scientists, educators, and decision-makers working across this multidisciplinary field.

An essential reference tool for university libraries, research laboratories, government institutions and consultancies concerned with the environmental sciences, the Encyclopedia of Environmetrics brings together for the first time, comprehensive coverage of the full range of topics, techniques and applications covered by this multidisciplinary field. There is currently no central reference source which addresses the needs of this multidisciplinary community. This new Encyclopedia will fill this gap by providing a comprehensive source of relevant fundamental concepts in environmetric research, development and applications for statisticians, mathematicians, economists, environmentalists, ecologist, government officials and policy makers.

Key Features

  • The only central reference source addressing the needs of this community
  • Includes 500+ articles divided into 12 sections
  • Encompasses all aspects of environmetrics
  • Contributions from over 400 internationally renowned authorities working in academia, government and industry
  • All articles are extensively cross-referenced

The articles fall under these headings:


Ecological Statistics

Environmental Health

Environmental Policy and Regulation

Extremes and Environmental Risk

General Articles

Hydrological and Physical Processes

Natural Resources & Agriculture

Spatial /Temporal Modeling and Analysis

Stochastic Modeling and Environmental Change

Statistical and Numerical Computing

Statistical Theory and Methods

Praise for the print version of the Encyclopedia of Environmetrics :

"...This is an excellent and timely work that will serve as a valuable reference ...." (, Vol.82, No.10, 2002)
Int Jnl of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 2002
"...an excellent resource for its targeted audience..."
Short Book Reviews, August 2002



Exclusive interview with the Editors-in-Chief Abdel H. El-Shaarawi and Walter W. Piegorsch

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