Chemical Warfare Agents: Toxicology and Treatment, Second Edition

Chemical Warfare Agents: Toxicology and Treatment, Second Edition

Editor(s): Timothy C. Marrs, Robert L. Maynard, Frederick R. Sidell

Print ISBN: 9780470013595

Online ISBN: 9780470060032

DOI: 10.1002/9780470060032


"...exceptionally informative and comprehensive, easy to read, and well organized. It is an invaluable reference for any professional involved in the field." (Journal of Chemical Health and Safety)

"It is a sad reflection of the days in which we live that the second edition of this book is needed, but needed it is. This text surely is the most comprehensive guide to the whole topic of chemically related terrorist incidents.... An excellent book to be thoroughly recommended to those involved in the assurance of public health and for everyone involved in toxicology in general." (The Bulletin, The Royal College of Pathologists, January 2008)

"...a very good source document and is recommended for the professional library." (The ASA Newsletter, October 19, 2007)

" excellent resource..." (CHOICE, October 2007)

"...a solid comprehensive piece of work, thoroughly researched and ideal as a reference book..." (The British Toxicology Society Newsletter, Winter 2007)