Aerosol Sampling: Science, Standards, Instrumentation and Applications

Aerosol Sampling: Science, Standards, Instrumentation and Applications

Author(s): James H. Vincent

Published Online: 16 MAR 2007

Print ISBN: 9780470027257

Online ISBN: 9780470060230

DOI: 10.1002/9780470060230

About this Book

This book provides a comprehensive account of the important field of aerosol sampling as it is applied to the measurement of aerosols that are ubiquitous in occupational and living environments, both indoor and outdoor. It is written in four parts:

Part A contains 9 chapters that describe the current knowledge of the physical science that underpins the process of aerosol sampling.

Part B contains 4 chapters, which present the basis of standards for aerosols, including the link with human exposure by inhalation.

Part C contains 7 chapters that cover the development of practical aerosol sampling instrumentation, and how technical designs and methods have evolved over the years in order that aerosol sampling may be carried out in a manner matching the health-related and other criteria that have been proposed as parts of standards.

Finally Part D contains 6 chapters that describe how a wide range of aerosol sampling instruments have performed when they have been applied in the field in both occupational and ambient atmospheric environments, including how different instruments, nominally intended to measure the same aerosol fraction, compare when used side-by-side in the real world.

The book draws together all that is known about aerosol sampling, for the benefit of researchers and practitioners in occupational and environmental health and all other fields of science and engineering where aerosols are of interest.

Table of contents

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  1. Part A: Scientific Framework for Aerosol Sampling

  2. Part B: Standards for Aerosols

  3. Part C: Aerosol Sampling Instrumentation

  4. Part D: Aerosol Sampler Applications and Field Studies

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