Reliability and Risk: A Bayesian Perspective

Reliability and Risk: A Bayesian Perspective

Author(s): Nozer D. Singpurwalla

Print ISBN: 9780470855027

Online ISBN: 9780470060346

DOI: 10.1002/9780470060346

Series Editor(s): Walter A. Shewhart, Samuel S. Wilks


"The book is written by an expert in reliability analysis and it is a very valuable source of information for mathematical models for reliability problems ... An extensive bibliography concludes the book." (Stat Papers, 2011)

"As the author mentions in his preface, the book can be read in several different ways, as a text for a graduate level course on reliability or as a source book for "information and open problems." This book has been a joy to read for this reviewer." (International Statistical Review, August 2008)

"Singpurwalla seems to be at his best in probabilistic modeling of reality. He has written what must be one of the first books reliability written from a subjective, Bayesian point of view." (International Statistical Review, August 2008)

"The material of this book will be most profitable for practitioners and researchers in reliability and survivability, who will greatly appreciate it as a source of information and open problems." (Mathematical Reviews, 2008h)

"This is a very interesting, provocative, and worthwhile book." (Biometrics, June 2008)

"What I liked most about this book, however, is the way it blends interesting technical material with foundational discussion about the nature of uncertainty." (Biometrics, June 2008)

"The investigation of the theoretical models under consideration in the book is first class…" (Law, Probability and Risk Advance Access, September 2007)

"I feel that I have learned an effective plotting technique from these plots…" (Technometrics, February 2008)

"…a cornucopia of probability models and inference methods for different problems…[that] serve as a rich taxonomy that statisticians can use to fit models…works as both an educational tool and as a reference." (MAA Reviews, March 6, 2007)