Encyclopedia of Statistics in Quality and Reliability

Encyclopedia of Statistics in Quality and Reliability

Online ISBN: 9780470061572

DOI: 10.1002/9780470061572

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  1. Basic Statistics
  2. Computationally Intensive Methods and Simulation
  3. Design of Experiments and Robust Design
  4. Health, Safety and Environmental Applications
  5. Management of Quality and Business Statistics
  6. Process Capability and Measurement Systems Analysis
  7. Process Control
  8. Reliability: Life Cycle and Warranty Cost Prediction
  9. Reliability: Life Distribution Modeling and Accelerated Testing
  10. Sampling
  11. Statistical and Stochastic Modeling
  12. System Reliability
    1. Asymptotic Reliability Analysis of Very Large Structural Systems
    2. Block Replacement
    3. Coherent Systems
    4. Component Reliability Importance
    5. Computational Issues in Network Reliability
    6. Fault Trees
    7. Flowgraph Models
    8. Genetic Algorithms in Reliability
    9. Hierarchical Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) for Bayesian System Reliability
    10. Imperfect Repair, Counting Processes
    11. Intensity Functions for Nonhomogeneous Poisson Processes
    12. k-out-of-n Systems
    13. Modules and Modular Decomposition
    14. Parallel, Series, and Series–Parallel Systems
    15. Path Sets and Cut Sets in System Reliability Modeling
    16. Queues in Reliability
    17. Reliability Allocation
    18. Reliability Databases
    19. Reliability of Redundant Systems
    20. Reliability Optimization
    21. Reliability, Safety, and Risk Management
    22. Repairable Systems Reliability
    23. Repairable Systems: Bayesian Analysis
    24. Repairable Systems: Statistical Inference
    25. Stress–Strength Model
    26. System Downtime Distributions
    27. System Reliability: Computational Algebra Methods
    28. System Reliability: Monte Carlo Estimation