Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science

Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science

Online ISBN: 9780470061589

DOI: 10.1002/9780470061589

About this Book

Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science is an A-Z encyclopedia providing a comprehensive, definitive, and up-to-date reference of the main areas of specialist and expert knowledge and skills used by those involved in all aspects of the forensic process. A vital reference work for all professionals working in the field, this resource provides essential information for forensic scientists, doctors, practicing and academic lawyers, paralegals, police, crime scene investigators, analytical chemists, behavioral scientists, and toxicologists.

It covers all topics which, either as part of an established forensic discipline or as a potentially useful emerging discipline, are of interest to those involved in the forensic process. This work represents the interdisciplinary nature of forensic sciences and covers such key areas as:

  • Behavioral

  • Biological Sciences

  • Criminalistics

  • Digital Evidence, Multimedia and Engineering

  • DNA Analysis of Biological Fluids

  • Fire and Explosives

  • Investigation and Law Enforcement

  • Law

  • Medicine

  • Statistics and the Evaluation of Evidence

  • Toxicology and Drug Analysis

  • Trace

This includes both the scientific methodology and the admissibility of evidence. The encyclopedia also provides case studies of landmark cases in the definition and practice of forensic science including Frye v. United States and Kumho Tire v. Carmichael.

Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciencepresents all material on a level and in a style that makes it accessible to a wide range of readers. In particular, lawyers needing to better understand the key aspects of the science, and scientists who require a deeper insight into legal issues will find the encyclopedia an important resource, as will physical, biological, and behavioral scientists who require background information on the most important aspects of each other’s areas of expertise.

The online edition of this comprehensive reference work offers all the content of the printed edition, along with the full functionality of an electronic major reference work including:

-Quarterly updates including both new and updated articles

-A dynamic table of contents and online index is available for browsing and searching the text

-Articles are available in HTML and PDF and sections of articles can be easily downloaded and printed

-Separate windows enable you to view and scroll through the bibliography, figures, and tables, while viewing the text simultaneously

-Links to primary literature and key scientific websites

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What's New

The Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science was most recently updated in December 2014, including these new articles:

Handwriting: Cognitive Bias
Fitness Impairment Testing/Detecting Driver Intoxication
Roadside Testing: Kits for Drugs
Fibers: Microscopy
Fibers: Laboratory Examination

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Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science - Also available in print

"This is an excellent and indispensable encyclopedia. Some encyclopedias of forensic science and forensic medicine have been published before, but they have gone out of date, and we all could do with a new and up-to-date information on this subject. It is virtually a goldmine of information."
Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, July 2009.

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