Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science

Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science

Online ISBN: 9780470061589

DOI: 10.1002/9780470061589

What's New

Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science was most recently updated in March 2016, when the following new and updated articles were published:

Familial Searching
Paternity Testing
DNA in the UK Courts
Legal Issues with Forensic DNA in the USA
Introduction to Forensic DNA Profiling — The Electropherogram (epg)
Verbal Scales: A Legal Perspective
Interpretation of Mixtures; Graphical
Discovery of Expert Findings
Ethics: Codes of Conduct for Expert Witnesses
Report Writing for Courts
Statistical Evidence in Court
Accreditation: Laboratory
Transfer: DNA
Low Template DNA Analysis and Interpretation Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Previous updates include:

December 2015:

Paraphilias: Exhibitionism
The Concept of Consecutive Matching Stria (CMS) and the Philosophy Behind the Concept of Individuality in Striated Match Comparisons
Bitemarks: Their Use in the Contemporary Justice System
Technology and Cognitive Bias
Contextual Bias in the Analysis of Bitemarks
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Contextual Bias
Firearms -- Bullet and Cartridge Case Identification: A Brief History of Firearms Identification
Eyewitness Lineups: Identification from
Crime Victims' Decision to Report Crime
Sentencing: Demographic Factors in
Neuropsychological Assessment
Premenstrual Syndrome
Neuropsychological Assessment: Child
Parental Alienation
Right to Treatment
Carbon-14 Bomb Pulse Dating
Memory: Reconstructive

September 2015:

Alcohol Intoxication: Mode and Risk for Injury
Psychological Testing
Treatment, Mandated Mental Health
Treatment, Right to Refuse: Mental Health
Genomics and Behavioral Evidence
Psychopharmacology: Child and Adolescent

June 2015:

Minimizing Contextual Bias in Forensic Firearms Examinations
Forensic Anthropology and Cognitive Bias
Psychodynamics of Arson
Face Identification, Cross-Race
Incarcerated Populations and Mental Status
Aggression: Gender Differences in
Child Physical Abuse
Memory: Repressed
Mental Status: Examination
Head Injury: Neuropsychological Assessment
Postpartum Psychosis
Suicide (Behavior)

March 2015:

Battered Spouse Syndrome
Custody and Visitation Evaluations
Child Sexual Abuse
Children: As Defendants
Capacity to Stand Trial
Confessions: Evidentiary Reliability of
Eyewitness Testimony
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Rape Trauma Syndrome (RTS)
DNA: Degraded Samples
Measurement Uncertainty: Requirement for Admission of Forensic Science Evidence
Expert Systems in DNA Interpretation

December 2014:

Handwriting: Cognitive Bias
Fitness Impairment Testing/Detecting Driver Intoxication
Roadside Testing: Kits for Drugs
Fibers: Microscopy
Fibers: Laboratory Examination
Fibers: Transfer, Persistence, and Recovery
Fire Investigation and Cognitive Bias
Mitochondrial DNA: Profiling
Interpretation of Mitochondrial DNA Evidence
Biological Agents

September 2014:

Paraphilias and Sexual Crimes—An Overview
Forensic Aspects of Horseracing
Eyewitness Testimony: Admissibility and Legal Challenges
Wrongful Convictions and the Role of Forensic Science
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism
Fire Modeling and Its Application in Fire Investigation
Alternative Specimens—Sweat
Facial Comparison
Geographical Identification by Viral Genotyping
DNA: An Overview
Biological Stains

June 2014:

Punishment and Age
Brain Fingerprinting: Detection of Concealed Information
Odontology: Human Identification
Wildlife: DNA
Biometrics—Developments and Potential
Ethics: The Prosecutors' Role as Gatekeepers for Scientific Evidence
Drug Dogs: Limitations and Admissibility of Canine Alerts for Controlled Substances
DNA Quantitation
Genetics and Epigenetics of Mental Illness: Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment

March 2014:

Jury Instructions on Expert Testimony
Pollen and Spore Evidence in Forensics
Interpretation: Printed Document Examination and Evidence
Paint: Interpretation
Hair: Animal
Laboratory Analysis of Explosion Debris
Firearms: General
The Admissibility of Laboratory Reports: The Melendez-Diaz, Bullcoming, and Williams Cases
Friction Ridge Opinion Evidence after Daubert and the NAS Report
Firearm and Toolmark Opinion Evidence: Admissibility of Opinions After Daubert and the NAS Reports
Anthropology: Skeleton; Estimating Juvenile Age