Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary

Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary

Online ISBN: 9780470114735

DOI: 10.1002/9780470114735

About this Book

Welcome to the online home for Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary , the bestselling quick reference for chemicals and chemistry-related terminology.

A must-have reference for all chemists in academia, government, and industry, Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary provides extensive data and descriptive information for thousands of chemicals and chemical phenomena. Not a dictionary in the traditional sense, Hawley’s provides descriptions of chemicals, raw materials, processes and equipment; definitions of chemical entities, phenomena, and terminology; and descriptions of an array of trademarked products used in chemical industry.

  • The complete content of the 15th print edition
  • Quick reference to sources, uses, and chemical structures for thousands of chemical entities, including trade name products
  • Definitions for chemical processes and related terminology
  • Entries for notable chemists and Nobel Prize winners, equipment and devices, natural forms and minerals, named reactions, and chemical processes
  • Over 700 articles specifically related to biochemistry, and more than 75 new nanotechnology terms
  • Also available now in its 15th print edition and as a CD-ROM

From reviews of the print edition
"...provides descriptions of chemicals, raw materials, processes and equipment...chemical entities, phenomena and terminology; descriptions of trademarked chemical-industry products; and chemical abbreviations." — Professional Safety
"Identifies chemical substances by name, physical properties, source of occurrence, CAS Registry Number, chemical formula, potential hazards, derivations, synonyms, and applications." — Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
"...continues the standards and expectations of this unique publication...an updated and expanded 21st century version of a classical resource." — Veterinary and Human Toxicology