Inorganic Syntheses, Volume 4

Inorganic Syntheses, Volume 4

Editor(s): John C. Bailar

Published Online: 5 JAN 2007

Print ISBN: 9780470131633

Online ISBN: 9780470132357

DOI: 10.1002/9780470132357

About this Book

The volumes in this continuing series provide a compilation of current techniques and ideas in inorganic synthetic chemistry. Includes inorganic polymer syntheses and preparation of important inorganic solids, syntheses used in the development of pharmacologically active inorganic compounds, small-molecule coordination complexes, and related compounds. Also contains valuable information on transition organometallic compounds including species with metal-metal cluster molecules. All syntheses presented here have been tested.

Table of contents

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  1. Part IA: CHAPTER IA

    1. Lithium Nitride (pages 1–5)

      E. Masdupuy, F. Gallais, T. R. P. Gibb and H. O. Warren

    2. Extraction of Cesium from Pollucite (pages 5–11)

      George W. Watt, Wm. C. Smith, Robert West, Robert P. Anderson, Lewis I. Krimen and Therald Moeller

  2. Part IB: CHAPTER IB

    1. Silver(II) Oxide (pages 12–14)

      Robert N. Hammer, Jacob Kleinberg, Henry F. Holtzclaw and K. W. R. Johnson

    2. Gold Powder and Potassium Tetrabromoaurate(III) (pages 14–17)

      B. P. Block, S. A. Bartkiewicz, Therald Moeller, J. D. Chrisp, P. Gentile and L. O. Morgan



    1. Aluminum Phosphide (pages 23–25)

      Wayne E. White, A. H. Bushey, Henry F. Holtzclaw and Frank W. Hengeveld

  5. Part IV: CHAPTER IV

    1. Biurea (pages 26–28)

      L. F. Audrieth, Elizabeth B. Mohr, H. E. Ritchey and W. R. Tuxhorn

    2. Urazine (pages 29–32)

      L. F. Audrieth, Elizabeth B. Mohr, Emanuel Davis and W. R. Tomlinson

    3. Carbohydrazide (pages 32–35)

      Elizabeth B. Mohr, J. J. Brezinski, L. F. Audrieth, H. E. Ritchey and R. F. McFarlin

    4. Thiosemicarbazide (pages 39–41)

      John J. Pitha, John P. Olatta, Eugene Lieber, S. H. Patinkin and R. D. Pratt

    5. Cyclohexyltrichlorosilane (pages 43–44)

      Charles A. Burkhard, Robert H. Krieble, William S. Tatlock and Eugene G. Rochow

  6. Part V: CHAPTER V

    1. Nitrosyl Chloride (pages 48–52)

      J. R. Morton, H. W. Wilcox, Therald Moellerf and Delwin C. Edwards

    2. Nitryl Chloride (pages 52–55)

      Ralph Kaplan, Harold Shechter, Thomas C. Castorina and W. R. Tomlinson

    3. Alkyl Dichlorophosphites (pages 63–66)

      J. E. Malowan, Donald Ray Martin, Philip J. Pizzolato, T. P. Traise, T. M. Beck, John F. Suttle and Franklin B. Barker

    4. 2-Chloroethyl Dichlorophosphite (Phosphorus(III) β-Chloroethoxydichloride) (pages 66–68)

      Donald Ray Martin, W. Douglas Cooper, Dwight R. Spessard, Harold Simmons Booth, T. M. Beck and E. N. Walsh

    5. Disodium Dihydrogen Hypophosphate (pages 68–71)

      Elmer Leininger, Thomas Chulski, Therald Moeller, Gladys H. Quinty and Robert L. Rebertus

    6. Phosphorus(V) Sulfochloride (Thiophosphoryl Chloride) (pages 71–74)

      Therald Moeller, Homer J. Birch, Niels C. Nielsen, Donald Ray Martin, Wilmer M. Duvall, Frederic B. Dutton and Reed F. Riley


    1. Sodium Superoxide (pages 82–85)

      Stephen E. Stephanou, Edgar J. Seyb, Jacob Kleinberg, R. H. Shakely and W. H. Schechter



    1. Bismuth(III) Iodide (pages 114–116)

      George W. Watt, Wafai W. Hakki, Gregory R. Choppin, M. Tamres and Daryle H. Busch

    2. Aluminum Iodide (pages 117–119)

      George W. Watt, James L. Hall, William Lloyd Taylor and Jacob Kleinberg

    3. Tin(IV) Iodide (pages 119–121)

      Therald Moeller, Delwin C. Edwards, Robert L. Brandt and Jacob Kleinberg

    4. Vanadium(II) Chloride (pages 126–127)

      Ralph C. Young, Maynard E. Smith, Therald Moeller, Paul G. Gordon and Fred McCullough, Jr.

    5. Vanadium(III) Chloride (pages 128–130)

      Ralph C. Young, Maynard E. Smith, Therald Moeller, Paul G. Gordon and Fred McCullough

    6. Tantalum(V) Bromide (pages 130–133)

      D. H. Nowicki, I. E. Campbell, W. C. Schumb and C. H. Brubaker

    7. Silicon Tetrafluoride (pages 145–147)

      C. J. Hoffman, H. S. Gutowsky, W. C. Schumb and D. W. Breck

    8. Germanium(IV) Fluoride (pages 147–149)

      C. J. Hoffman, H. S. Gutowsky, W. C. Schumb and D. W. Breck

    9. Chlorine(IV) Oxide (pages 152–158)

      R. I. Derby, W. S. Hutchinson, T. H. Dexter and J. M. Naughton


    1. Iron(II) Formate (pages 159–161)

      Richard N. Rhoda, Anthony V. Fraioli, William Lloyd Taylor and Jacob Kleinberg

    2. Iron(II) Bromide 6-Ammoniate (pages 161–163)

      George W. Watt, W. A. Jenkins, Harry H. Sisler and F. R. Hurley

    3. Potassium Ferrate(VI) (pages 164–168)

      J. M. Schreyer, G. W. Thompson, L. T. Ockerman, Bodie E. Douglas, Milton K. Snyder and Therald Moeller

    4. Acidopentamminecobalt(III) Salts (pages 171–176)

      Fred Basolo, R. Kent Murmann, James E. Whitney and Carl L. Rollinson

    5. cis- and trans-Dinitrobis(ethylenediamine)Cobalt(III) Nitrate (pages 176–179)

      Henry F. Holtzclaw, David P. Sheetz, Bill D. Mccarty, Daryle H. Busch and Milton Tamres

    6. trans-Dinitrodiamminepalladium(II) (pages 179–181)

      N. L. Cull, Hans B. Jonassen, H. F. Holtzclaw and K. W. R. Johnson

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