Inorganic Syntheses, Volume 19

Inorganic Syntheses, Volume 19

Editor(s): Duward F. Shriver

Published Online: 5 JAN 2007

Print ISBN: 9780471045427

Online ISBN: 9780470132500

DOI: 10.1002/9780470132500

About this Book

The volumes in this continuing series provide a compilation of current techniques and ideas in inorganic synthetic chemistry. Includes inorganic polymer syntheses and preparation of important inorganic solids, syntheses used in the development of pharmacologically active inorganic compounds, small-molecule coordination complexes, and related compounds. Also contains valuable information on transition organometallic compounds including species with metal-metal cluster molecules. All syntheses presented here have been tested.

Table of contents

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    2. Potassium Tetracyanoplatinate Bromide (2:1:0.3) Trihydrate, K2[Pt(Cn)2] Br0.3.3h2O (pages 1–5)

      J. A. Abys, N. P. Knright, H. M. Gerdes, T. L. Hall, Jack M. Williams, J. Ackerman and A. Wold

    3. Linear-Chain Iridium Carbonyl Halides (pages 18–22)

      A. P. Ginsberg, J. W. Koepke, C. R. Sprinkle, Vickie Hagley and A. H. Reis

    4. Polymercury Cations (pages 22–27)

      B. D. Cutforth, R. J. Gillespie, A. G. Macdiarmid and N. D. Miro

    5. Hydrido(Triphenylphosphine)Copper(I) (pages 87–89)

      R. D. Stephens, Y-C Lin, B. A. Matrana, H. D. Kaesz, W. L. Galdfelter and G. L. Geoffroy

    6. Two-Coordinate Phosphine Complexes of Palladium(O) and Platinum(O) (pages 101–107)

      T. Yoshida, S. Otsuka, D. G. Jones, J. L. Spencer, P. Binger, A. Brinkmann and P. Wedemann

    7. Three-Coordinate Phosphine Complexes of Platinum(O) (pages 107–110)

      T. Yoshida, T. Matsuda, S. Otsuka, G. W. Parshall, W. G. Peet, P. Binger, A. Brinkmann and P. Wedemann

    8. Bis(η8-Cyclooctatetraene)Uranium(IV) (pages 149–154)

      Andrew Streitwieser, U. Mueller-Westerhoff, Frantisek Mares, Charles B. Grant, Dennis G. Morrell, Tobin J. Marks and Steven S. Miller

    9. Pentacarbonylmanganese Halides (pages 158–163)

      Kenneth J. Reimer, Alan Shaver, Michael H. Quick and Robert J. Angelici

    10. Methylene (Carbene) Complexes of Transition Metals (pages 164–172)

      E. O. Fischer, U. Schubert, W. Kleine, H. Fischer, Kevin P. Darst, C. M. Lukehart, L. T. Warfielo, D. J. Darensbourg, R. R. Burch and J. A. Froelich

    11. Pentacarbonyl(Diphenylmethylene)-Tungsten(O) (pages 180–183)

      C. P. Casey, T. J. Burkhardt, S. M. Neumann, D. M. Scheck, H. E. Tuinstra, E. O. Fischer and W. Held

    12. Cyclopentadienylmanganese Thiocarbonyls (pages 188–193)

      I. S. Butler, N. J. Coville, D. Cozak, S. R. Desjardins, A. E. Fenster, K. R. Plowman, D. A. Slack and M. C. Baird

    13. Dicarbonyl (η Cyclopentadienyl)-(Selenocarbonyl)Manganese(I) (pages 193–197)

      I. S. Butler, D. Cozak, S. R. Stobart, K. R. Plowman, P. V. Yaneff and R. O. Harris

    14. 3-Allyl)Palladium(II) Complexes (pages 220–223)

      Yoshitaka Tatsuno, Toshikatsu Yoshida, Seiotsuka, Najeeb Al-Salem and Bernard L. Shaw

    15. 1-Methyldiborane(6) (pages 237–239)

      Roger K. Bunting, Francis M. Jungfleisch, Charles L. Hall, Sheldon C. Shore, Charles B. Ungermann and Thomas Onak

    16. Hexaborane(10) (pages 247–253)

      R. J. Remmel, H. D. Johnson, V. T. Brice, S. G. Shore and D. F. Gaines

    17. Dimethylzinc (pages 253–257)

      A. Lee Galyer, Geoffrey Wilkinson, E. C. Ashby and Monsief Bell Assoued

    18. Bis[(Trimethylsilyl)Methyl] Magnesium (pages 262–265)

      Richard A. Andersen, Geoffrey Wilkinson, M. F. Lappert and R. Pearce

    19. Dodecamethylcyclohexasilane (pages 265–268)

      Robert West, Lawrence Brough, Wieslaw Wojnowski, Donald A. Van Beek and A. Louis Allred

    20. Iodosilane and its Methyl Derivatives (pages 268–273)

      John E. Drake, Boris M. Glavincevski, Raymond T. Hemmings, H. Ernest Henderson, C. G. Newman, John Dzarnoski and M. A. Ring

    21. Silyl Sulfides (pages 274–278)

      John E. Drake, Boris M. Glavincevski, Raymond T. Hemmings, H. Ernest Henderson, E. A. V. Ebsworth and S. G. D. Henderson

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