Inorganic Syntheses, Volume 24

Inorganic Syntheses, Volume 24

Editor(s): Jean'ne M. Shreeve

Published Online: 5 JAN 2007

Print ISBN: 9780471834410

Online ISBN: 9780470132555

DOI: 10.1002/9780470132555

About this Book

The volumes in this continuing series provide a compilation of current techniques and ideas in inorganic synthetic chemistry. Includes inorganic polymer syntheses and preparation of important inorganic solids, syntheses used in the development of pharmacologically active inorganic compounds, small-molecule coordination complexes, and related compounds. Also contains valuable information on transition organometallic compounds including species with metal-metal cluster molecules. All syntheses presented here have been tested.

Table of contents

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    2. Chlorine Fluoride (pages 1–3)

      Carl J. Schack, R. D. Wilson and Darryl D. Desmarteau

    3. Chloryl Fluoride (pages 3–6)

      Karl O. Christe, Richard D. Wilson, Carl J. Schack and D. D. Desmarteau

    4. Sulfur Chloride Pentafluoride (pages 8–10)

      Carl J. Schack, Richard D. Wilson, Michael G. Warner and A. Waterfeld

    5. Acyclic Sulfur Nitrogen Fluorine Compounds (pages 12–17)

      Rudiger Mews, Klaus Keller, Oskar Glemser, K. Seppelt and J. Thrasher

    6. Tetrafluoroammonium Salts (pages 39–48)

      Karl O. Christe, William W. Wilson, Carl J. Schack, Richard D. Wilson and R. Bougon

    7. Nitryl Hexafluoroarsenate (pages 69–72)

      Michael J. Moran, Joann Milliken, Ronald A. De Marco and Scott A. Kinkead

    8. Osmium(VI) Fluoride (pages 79–81)

      Robert C. Burns, Thomas A. O'donnell and Roland Bougon

    9. Indium(III) Iodide (pages 87–89)

      J. P. Kopasz, R. B. Hallock, O. T. Beachley and W. Rodger Nutt

    10. Tris[(Trimethylsilyl)Methyl]Aluminum (pages 92–93)

      Claire Tessier-Youngs, O. T. Beachley, John P. Oliver and Kathaleen Butcher

    11. Bromobis[(Trimethylsilyl)Methyl]Aluminum (pages 94–95)

      Claire Tessier-Youngs, O. T. Beachley, John P. Oliver and Kathaleen Butcher

    12. [(Trimethylsilyl)Methyl]Lithium (pages 95–97)

      Claire Tessier-Youngs, O. T. Beachley, John P. Oliver and Kathaleen Butcher

    13. Sulfur Dicyanide (pages 125–126)

      Ramesh C. Kumar, Jean'Ne M. Shreeve and Jerry Foropoulos

    14. Disilyl Selenide (Disilaselenane) (pages 127–129)

      John E. Drake, Boris M. Glavincevski, E. A. V. Ebsworth and S. G. Henderson

    15. Dicarbonylbis(η5-Cyclopentadienyl) Complexes of Titanium, Zirconium, and Hafnium (pages 147–157)

      David J. Sikora, Kevin J. Moriarty, Marvin D. Rausch, A. Ray Bulls, John E. Bercaw, Vikram D. Patel and Arthur J. Carty

    16. Cis-Bis(1,2-Ethanediamine)Difluorochromium(III) Iodide (pages 185–187)

      Danny T. Fagan, Joann S. Frigerio, Joe W. Vaughn, Ani Hyslop and James E. Finholt

    17. Potassium Tetrakis[Dihydrogen Diphosphito(2–)]Diplatinate(II) (pages 211–213)

      K. A. Alexander, S. A. Bryan, M. K. Dickson, D. Hedden, D. M. Roundhill, C.-M. Che, L. G. Butler and H. B. Gray

    18. Cis-Tetraammine and Cis-Bis (1,2-Ethanediamine) Complexes of Rhodium(III) (pages 220–233)

      Martin Hancock, Bente Nielsen, Johan Springborg, Alan Friedman, P. C. Ford and Michael J. Saliby

    19. μ3-Thio-Trisilver(1+) Nitrate (pages 234–236)

      George B. Kauffman, Günter Bergerhoff, Jane V. Zeile Krevor and Sandra I. Barbour

    20. Carbonylchlorogold(I) (pages 236–238)

      D. Belli Dell'amico, F. Calderazzo, H. H. Murray and J. P. Fackler

    21. Platinum Microcrystals (pages 238–242)

      P. Van Rheenen, M. Mckelvy, R. Marzke, W. S. Glaunsinger and R. Kent Murmann

    22. Pentaammineiridium(III) and Hexaammineiridium(III) Complexes (pages 263–269)

      Peter A. Lay, Alan M. Sargeson, Frode Galsbøl, Solveig Kallesøe Hansen and Andrew W. Zanella

    23. Pentaammineplatinum(IV) Complexes (pages 277–279)

      Neville J. Curtis, Geoffrey A. Lawrance, Alan M. Sargeson and Ronald C. Johnson

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