Culture of Human Stem Cells

Culture of Human Stem Cells

Editor(s): R. Ian Freshney, Glyn N. Stacey, Jonathan M. Auerbach

Published Online: 22 JAN 2007

Print ISBN: 9780470052464

Online ISBN: 9780470167526

DOI: 10.1002/9780470167526

About this Book

This book collects the most effective and cutting-edge methods and protocols for deriving and culturing human embryonic and adult stem cells-in one handy resource.

This groundbreaking book follows the tradition of previous books in the Culture of Specialized Cells Series-each methods and protocols chapter is laid out exactly like the next, with stepwise protocols, preceded by specific requirements for that protocol, and a concise discussion of methods illustrated by data. The editors describe a limited number of representative techniques across a wide spectrum of stem cells from embryonic, newborn, and adult tissue, yielding an all-encompassing and versatile guide to the field of stem cell biology and culture.

The book includes a comprehensive list of suppliers for all equipment used in the protocols presented, with websites available in an appendix. Additionally, there is a chapter on quality control, and other chapters covering legal and ethical issues, cryopreservation, and feeder layer culture. This text is a one-stop resource for all researchers, clinical scientists, teachers, and students involved in this crucial area of study.

Table of contents

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    3. Chapter 8

      Multipotent Stem Cells in Dental Pulp (pages 187–206)

      Wataru Sonoyama, Takayoshi Yamaza, Stan Gronthos and Songtao Shi

    4. Chapter 10

      Isolation, Characterization, and Culture of Soft Connective Tissue Stem/Progenitor Cells (pages 233–248)

      Charles W. Archer, Sarah Oldfield, Samantha Redman, Laura Haughton, Gary Dowthwaite, Ilyas Khan and Jim Ralphs

    5. Chapter 12

      Culturing Mammary Stem Cells (pages 281–302)

      Mark A. Labarge, Ole W. Petersen and Mina J. Bissell

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