Handbook of Numerical Heat Transfer, Second Edition

Handbook of Numerical Heat Transfer, Second Edition

Editor(s): W. J. Minkowycz, E. M. Sparrow, J. Y. Murthy

Published Online: 21 JAN 2009

Print ISBN: 9780471348788

Online ISBN: 9780470172599

DOI: 10.1002/9780470172599

About this Book

A completely updated edition of the acclaimed single-volume reference for heat transfer and the thermal sciences

This Second Edition of Handbook of Numerical Heat Transfer covers the basic equations for numerical method calculations regarding heat transfer problems and applies these to problems encountered in aerospace, nuclear power, chemical processes, electronic packaging, and other related areas of mechanical engineering. As with the first edition, this complete revision presents comprehensive but accessible coverage of the necessary formulations, numerical schemes, and innovative solution techniques for solving problems of heat and mass transfer and related fluid flows.

Featuring contributions from some of the most prominent authorities in the field, articles are grouped by major sets of methods and functions, with the text describing new and improved, as well as standard, procedures. Handbook of Numerical Heat Transfer, Second Edition includes:
* Updated coverage of parabolic systems, hyperbolic systems, integral-and integro-differential systems, Monte Carlo and perturbation methods, and inverse problems
* Usable computer programs that allow quick applications to aerospace, chemical, nuclear, and electronic packaging industries
* User-friendly nomenclature listings include all the symbols used in each chapter so that chapter-specific symbols are readily available

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 1

      Survey of Numerical Methods (pages 1–51)

      J. Y. Murthy, W. J. Minkowycz, E. M. Sparrow and S. R. Mathur

    3. Chapter 4

      Boundary-Element Method (pages 125–165)

      A. J. Kassab, L. C. Wrobel, R. A. Bialecki and E. A. Divo

    4. Chapter 11

      Numerical Modeling of Heat Transfer in Wall-Adjacent Turbulent Flows (pages 369–388)

      T. J. Craft, S. E. Gant, A. V. Gerasimov, H. Iacovides and B. E. Launder

    5. Chapter 28

      Overview of Numerical Methods and Recommendations (pages 921–945)

      S. R. Mathur, W. J. Minkowycz, E. M. Sparrow and J. Y. Murthy

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