Airport Engineering, Third Edition

Airport Engineering, Third Edition

Author(s): Norman Ashford, Paul H. Wright

Published Online: 13 NOV 2007

Print ISBN: 9780471527558

Online ISBN: 9780470172896

DOI: 10.1002/9780470172896

About this Book

This new revised Third Edition of Airport Engineering, the basic classroom text for airport planning and design, shows professionals and students such key essentials as:
* The structure and organization of air transport
* Forecasting of air transport demand, using both traditional and new methods
* Airport systems planning
* Airport master planning
* Air traffic control, lighting, and signing
* Airport capacity and configuration
* Passenger terminal
* Air cargo facilities
* Airport access
* Designing for safety
* Environmental impact of airports
Reflecting the latest FAA, ICAO, and IATA recommendations and guidelines, and mirroring the changing climate of air travel in the 1990s, Airport Engineering, Third Edition is the single most informative guide to mastering the state of the art in airport engineering and design. And also by the same authors. Transportation Engineering Planning and Design Third Edition Paul H. Wright and Norman Ashford This book gives a balanced treatment of all modes of transportation--highways, railways and guideways, pipelines, airports, and ports and harbors. Transportation Engineering, Third Edition is divided into six parts:
* Part 1--Introduces the transportation system of the United States
* Part 2--Deals with the operation and control of the vehicles that use the physical transport systems
* Part 3--Examines transportation planning
* Part 4--Explains the design of land transportation facilities
* Part 5--Describes the planning procedures and design criteria for air transportation facilities
* Part 6--Covers water transportation facilities
Complete with an excellent list of references at the end of each chapter for readers who waist to study a transportation problem in greater detail, Transportation Engineering, Third Edition is the definitive textbook for students taking undergraduate transportation courses in civil engineering and city planning. 1989 (0 471-83874-8) 784 pp.

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