Biomedical Nanostructures

Biomedical Nanostructures

Editor(s): Kenneth E. Gonsalves, Craig R. Halberstadt, Cato T. Laurencin, Lakshmi S. Nair

Published Online: 11 APR 2007

Print ISBN: 9780471925521

Online ISBN: 9780470185834

DOI: 10.1002/9780470185834

About this Book

Learn to Use Nanoscale Materials to Design Novel Biomedical Devices and Applications

Discover how to take full advantage of nanoscale materials in the design and fabrication of leading-edge biomedical devices. The authors introduce you to a variety of possible clinical applications such as drug delivery, diagnostics, and cancer therapy. In addition, the authors explore the interface between micron and nanoscale materials for the development of applications such as tissue engineering. Finally, they examine the mechanisms of cell interactions with material surfaces through the use of nanotechnology-based material processing and characterization methods.

The text's three sections highlight its interdisciplinary approach:

Part One: Nanostructure Fabrication

Part Two: Bio-Nano Interfaces

Part Three: Clinical Applications of Nanostructures

Among the key topics covered are nanotechnology in tissue regeneration; biomolecular engineering; receptor-ligand interactions; cell-biomaterial interactions; nanomaterials in diagnostics, drug delivery, and cancer therapy; and nano- and micron-level engineering and fabrication.

Throughout the text, clear examples guide you through the chemistry and the processing involved in designing and developing nanoscale materials for biomedical devices. Each chapter begins with an introduction and ends with a conclusion highlighting the key points. In addition, references at the end of the chapter help you expand your research on any individual topic. In summary, this book helps biomedical researchers and engineers understand the physical phenomena that occur at the nanoscale in order to design novel cell-based constructs for a wide range of applications.

Table of contents

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    3. Chapter 1

      Nanofabrication Techniques (pages 1–24)

      Joseph W. Freeman, Lee D. Wright, Cato T. Laurencin and Subhabrata Bhattacharyya

    4. Chapter 3

      Novel Nanostructures as Molecular Nanomotors (pages 49–60)

      Yan Chen, Jianwei Jeff Li, Zehui Charles Cao and Weihong Tan

    5. Chapter 5

      Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery (pages 93–113)

      Xiaojun Yu, Chandra M. Valmikinathan, Amanda Rogers and Junping Wang

    6. Chapter 10

      Cell Behavior Toward Nanostructured Surfaces (pages 261–295)

      Sangamesh G. Kumbar, Michelle D. Kofron, Lakshmi S. Nair and Cato T. Laurencin

    7. Chapter 11

      Cellular Behavior on Basement Membrane Inspired Topographically Patterned Synthetic Matrices (pages 297–319)

      Joshua Z. Gasiorowski, John D. Foley, Paul Russell, Sara J. Liliensiek, Paul F. Nealey and Christopher J. Murphy

    8. Chapter 15

      Nanostructures for Tissue Engineering/Regenerative Medicine (pages 375–407)

      Syam P. Nukavarapu, Sangamesh G. Kumbar, Lakshmi S. Nair and Cato T. Laurencin

    9. Chapter 17

      Clinical Applications of Micro- and Nanoscale Biosensors (pages 439–460)

      David W.G. Morrison, Mehmet R. Dokmeci, Utkan Demirci and Ali Khademhosseini

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