Peterson's Stress Concentration Factors, Third Edition

Peterson's Stress Concentration Factors, Third Edition

Author(s): Walter D. Pilkey, Deborah F. Pilkey

Published Online: 7 APR 2008

Print ISBN: 9780470048245

Online ISBN: 9780470211106

DOI: 10.1002/9780470211106

About this Book

Peterson's Stress Concentration Factors establishes and maintains a system of data classification for all of the applications of stress and strain analysis and expedites their synthesis into CAD applications. Substantially revised and completely updated, this book presents stress concentration factors both graphically and with formulas. It also employs computer-generated art in its portrayal of the various relationships between the stress factors affecting machines or structures. These charts provide a visual representation of the machine or structure under consideration as well as graphs of the various stress concentration factors at work. They can be easily accessed via an illustrated table of contents that permits identification based on the geometry and loading of the location of a factor.

For the new third edition, new material will be added covering finite element analyses of stress concentrations, as well as effective computational design. The book explains how to optimize shape to circumvent stress concentration problems and how to achieve a well-balanced design of structures and machines that will result in reduced costs, lighter products, and improved performance.

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