High Content Screening: Science, Techniques and Applications

High Content Screening: Science, Techniques and Applications

Editor(s): Steven A. Haney

Published Online: 27 JUN 2007

Print ISBN: 9780470039991

Online ISBN: 9780470229866

DOI: 10.1002/9780470229866

About this Book

The authoritative reference on High Content Screening (HCS) in biological and pharmaceutical research, this guide covers: the basics of HCS: examples of HCS used in biological applications and early drug discovery, emphasizing oncology and neuroscience; the use of HCS across the drug development pipeline; and data management, data analysis, and systems biology, with guidelines for using large datasets. With an accompanying CD-ROM, this is the premier reference on HCS for researchers, lab managers, and graduate students.

Table of contents

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    3. Chapter 4

      Developing Robust High Content Assays (pages 85–109)

      Arijit Chakravarty, Douglas Bowman, Jeffrey A. Ecsedy, Claudia Rabino, John Donovan, Natalie D'Amore, Ole Petter Veiby, Mark Rolfe and Sudeshna Das

    4. Chapter 6

      Exploring the Full Power of Combining High Throughput RNAi with High Content Readouts: From Target Discovery Screens to Drug Modifier Studies (pages 145–168)

      Christoph Sachse, Cornelia Weiss-Haljiti, Christian Holz, Kathrin Regener, Francoise Halley, Michael Hannus, Corina Frenzel, Sindy Kluge, Mark Hewitson, Benjamin Bader, Amy Burd, Louise Perkins, Alexander Szewczak, Stefan Prechtl, Claudia Merz, Peter Rae, Dominik Mumberg and Christophe J. Echeverri

    5. Chapter 7

      Leveraging HCS in Neuroscience Drug Discovery (pages 169–187)

      Myles Fennell, Beal McIlvain, Wendy Stewart and John Dunlop

    6. Chapter 8

      Live Brain Slice Imaging for Ultra High Content Screening: Automated Fluorescent Microscopy to Study Neurodegenerative Diseases (pages 189–204)

      O. Joseph Trask, C. Todd DeMarco, Denise Dunn, Thomas G. Gainer, Joshua Eudailey, Linda Kaltenbach and Donald C. Lo

    7. Chapter 9

      High Content Analysis of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Growth and Differentiation (pages 205–224)

      Paul J. Sammak, Vivek Abraham, Richik Ghosh, Jeff Haskins, Esther Jane, Patti Petrosko, Teresa M. Erb, Tia N. Kinney, Christopher Jefferys, Mukund Desai and Rami Mangoubi

    8. Chapter 10

      HCS for HTS (pages 225–247)

      Ann F. Hoffman and Ralph J. Garippa

    9. Chapter 12

      Using High Content Analysis for Pharmacodynamic Assays in Tissue (pages 269–291)

      Arijit Chakravarty, Douglas Bowman, Kristine Burke, Bradley Stringer, Barbara Hibner and Katherine Galvin

    10. Chapter 14

      Open File Formats for High Content Analysis (pages 317–328)

      Jason R. Swedlow, Curtis Rueden, Jean-Marie Burel, Melissa Linkert, Brian Loranger, Chris Allan and Kevin W. Eliceiri

    11. Chapter 15

      Analysis of Multiparametric HCS Data (pages 329–354)

      Andrew A. Hill, Peter LaPan, Yizheng Li and Steven A. Haney

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