Next Generation IPTV Services and Technologies

Next Generation IPTV Services and Technologies

Author(s): Gerard O'Driscoll

Published Online: 27 JUN 2007

Print ISBN: 9780470163726

Online ISBN: 9780470230299

DOI: 10.1002/9780470230299

About this Book

With a focus on changing job tasks and knowledge requirements for professionals, this book enables readers to meet the demands of designing, implementing, and supporting end-to-end IPTV systems. Additionally, it examines IPTV technical subjects that are not included in any other single reference to date: Quality of Experience (QoE), techniques for speeding up IPTV channel changing times, IPTV CD software architecture, Whole Home Media Networking (WHMN), IP-based high-definition TV, interactive IPTV applications, and the daily management of IPTV networks.

Table of contents