Advances in Food Diagnostics

Advances in Food Diagnostics

Editor(s): Leo M. L. Nollet, Fidel Toldrá

Published Online: 30 NOV 2007

Print ISBN: 9780813822211

Online ISBN: 9780470277805

DOI: 10.1002/9780470277805

About this Book

Food diagnostics is a relatively new and emerging area fuelled in large part by the ever-increasing demand for food safety. Advances in Food Diagnostics provides the most updated, comprehensive professional reference source available, covering sophisticated diagnostic technology for the food industry. Editors Nollet, Toldrá, and Hui and their broad team of international contributors address the most recent advances in food diagnostics through multiple approaches: reviewing novel technologies to evaluate fresh products; describing and analyzing in depth several specific modern diagnostics; providing an analysis of data processing; and discussing global marketing with an insight into future trends.

While covering conventional (typically lab-based) methods of analysis, the book focuses on leading-edge technologies that are being or about to be introduced. The book looks at areas such as food quality assurance, safety and traceability. Issues such as improved quality control, monitoring pesticide and herbicide residues in food, determining the nutritional content of food and distinguishing between GM and "conventional" foodstuffs are covered. Advances in Food Diagnostics offers the food professional what its title promises - the latest advances in food diagnostics and analysis.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 3

      Application of Microwaves for On-Line Quality Assessment (pages 49–79)

      Ruth De los Reyes, Marta Castro-Giráldez, Pedro Fito and Elías De los Reyes

    3. Chapter 9

      DNA-Based Detection of GM Ingredients (pages 175–198)

      Alexandra Ehlert, Francisco Moreano, Ulrich Busch and Karl-Heinz Engel

    4. Chapter 10

      Protein-Based Detection of GM Ingredients (pages 199–210)

      A. Rotthier, M. Eeckhout, N. Gryson, K. Dewettinck and K. Messens

    5. Chapter 13

      Sampling Procedures with Special Focus on Automatization (pages 253–293)

      K. K. Kleeberg, D. Dobberstein, N. Hinrichsen, A. Müller, P. Weber and H. Steinhart

    6. Chapter 15

      Data Handling (pages 323–346)

      Philippe Girard, Sofiane Lariani and Sébastien Populaire

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