Modern Antenna Handbook

Modern Antenna Handbook

Editor(s): Constantine A. Balanis

Published Online: 26 NOV 2007

Print ISBN: 9780470036341

Online ISBN: 9780470294154

DOI: 10.1002/9780470294154

About this Book

The most up-to-date, comprehensive treatment of classical and modern antennas and their related technologies

Modern Antenna Handbook represents the most current and complete thinking in the field of antennas. The handbook is edited by one of the most recognizable, prominent, and prolific authors, educators, and researchers on antennas and electromagnetics. Each chapter is authored by one or more leading international experts and includes cover-age of current and future antenna-related technology. The information is of a practical nature and is intended to be useful for researchers as well as practicing engineers.

From the fundamental parameters of antennas to antennas for mobile wireless communications and medical applications, Modern Antenna Handbook covers everything professional engineers, consultants, researchers, and students need to know about the recent developments and the future direction of this fast-paced field.

In addition to antenna topics, the handbook also covers modern technologies such as metamaterials, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), frequency selective surfaces (FSS), and radar cross sections (RCS) and their applications to antennas, while five chapters are devoted to advanced numerical/computational methods targeted primarily for the analysis and design of antennas.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Introduction

  2. Part II: Antenna Elements

    1. Chapter 2

      Wire Elements: Dipoles, Monopoles, and Loops (pages 57–95)

      Professor Cynthia M. Furse, Professor Om P. Gandhi and Professor Gianluca Lazzi

    2. Chapter 3

      Aperture Antennas: Waveguides and Horns (pages 97–156)

      Dr. Christophe Granet, Dr. Graeme L. James and A. Ross Forsyth

    3. Chapter 7

      Leaky-Wave Antennas (pages 325–367)

      Professor David R. Jackson and Dr. Arthur A. Oliner

    4. Chapter 8

      Reconfigurable Antennas (pages 369–398)

      Professor Gregory H. Huff and Professor Jennifer T. Bernhard

  3. Part III: Arrays and Synthesis Methods

    1. Chapter 11

      Arrays and Smart Antennas (pages 529–580)

      Professor George V. Tsoulos and Professor Christos G. Christodoulou

    2. Chapter 12

      Wideband Arrays (pages 581–629)

      William F. Croswell, Tim Durham, Mark Jones, Professor Daniel Schaubert, Paul Friederich and Dr. James G. Maloney

  4. Part IV: Structures and Techniques Related to Antennas

    1. Chapter 20

      Antenna Measurements (pages 977–1033)

      Professor Constantine A. Balanis and Craig R. Birtcher

  5. Part V: Antenna Applications

    1. Chapter 22

      Integrated Antennas for Wireless Personal Communications (pages 1077–1142)

      Professor Yahya Rahmat-Samii, Jerzy Guterman, Professor A. A. Moreira and Professor C. Peixeiro

    2. Chapter 25

      Antenna Array Technologies for Advanced Wireless Systems (pages 1255–1325)

      Professor Magdy F. Iskander, Wayne Kim, Jodie Bell, Nuri Celik and Zhengqing Yun

    3. Chapter 27

      Antennas for Medical Therapy and Diagnostics (pages 1377–1428)

      Professor James C. Lin, Professor Paolo Bernardi, Professor Stefano Pisa, Professor Marta Cavagnaro and Dr. Emanuele Piuzzi

    4. Chapter 28

      Antennas for Biological Experiments (pages 1429–1460)

      Professor James C. Lin, Professor Paolo Bernardi, Professor Stefano Pisa, Professor Marta Cavagnaro and Dr. Emanuele Piuzzi

  6. Part VI: Methods of Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation

    1. Chapter 31

      Finite-Element Analysis and Modeling of Antennas (pages 1531–1593)

      Professor Jian-Ming Jin, Dr. Zheng Lou, Dr. Norma Riley and Dr. Douglas Riley

    2. Chapter 33

      Neural Networks for Antennas (pages 1625–1657)

      Professor Christos G. Christodoulou and Professor Amalendu Patnaik

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