Drug-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Drug-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Editor(s): James A. Dykens, Yvonne Will

Published Online: 22 JAN 2008

Print ISBN: 9780470111314

Online ISBN: 9780470372531

DOI: 10.1002/9780470372531

About this Book

This is the definitive, one-stop resource on preclinical drug evaluation for potential mitochondrial toxicity, addressing the issue upfront in the drug development process. It discusses mitochondrial impairment to organs, skeletal muscle, and nervous systems and details methodologies used to assess mitochondria function. It covers both in vitro and in vivo methods for analysis and includes the latest models. This is the authoritative reference on drug-induced mitochondrial dysfunction for safety assessment professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and for pharmacologists and toxicologists in both drug and environmental health sciences.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Basic Concepts

    1. Chapter 3

      Drug-Associated Mitochondrial Toxicity (pages 71–126)

      Rhea Mehta, Katie Chan, Owen Lee, Shahrzad Tafazoli and Peter J. O'Brien

  2. Part II: Organ Drug Toxicity: Mitochondrlal Etiology

    1. Chapter 10

      Nephrotoxicity (pages 291–310)

      Alberto Ortiz, Alberto Tejedor and Carlos Caramelo

  3. Part III: Assessment of Mitochondrial Function in Vitro and in Vivo

    1. Chapter 22

      Assessment of Mitochondrial Dysfunction by Microscopy (pages 507–538)

      Ingrid Pruimboom-Brees, Germaine Boucher, Amy Jakowski and Jeanne Wolfgang

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