Encyclopedia of Special Education

Encyclopedia of Special Education

Online ISBN: 9780470373699

DOI: 10.1002/9780470373699

Editor(s): Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD, Texas A & M University; Kimberley J. Vannest, PhD, Texas A&M University; Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, PhD, ABPdN, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

About this Book

The highly acclaimed Encyclopedia of Special Education addresses the practical, clinical, and research issues of critical importance to the field today. It both historically captures the terms, individuals, laws, and societal movements of more than four decades of Special Education, it also chronicles the evolution of special education. This fourth edition clearly marks the federal and state demands for evidence-based practices in classrooms and methodologically rigorous research.

The only comprehensive reference devoted to Special Education, the four-volume Fourth Edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded. Developed by the leading researchers and scholars in the field, this is a must have reference for schools and clinics, teachers, learning and behavior specialists, educational diagnosticians, and school psychologists—and for those studying or conducting research in these fields.

The new edition includes over 200 new entries, with increased attention given to those topics that have grown in importance since the publication of the third edition, such as: technology; service delivery policies; international issues; neuropsychology, response to intervention, positive behavioral interventions and supports, autism and applied behavior analysis.

  • Includes technology and legal updates that reflect the rapidly changing landscape of special education
  • All of the entries have been updated to cover the latest editions of the assessment instruments frequently administered in special education settings
  • Editors-In-Chief and Contributing Editors are leading researchers and scholars in the field
  • Includes an international list of authors and descriptions of special education in thirty-five countries