Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare

Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare

Online ISBN: 9780470373705

DOI: 10.1002/9780470373705

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  1. Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  2. Profession of Social Work
    1. Acknowledgments
    2. Child Welfare: Historical Trends, Professionalization, and Workforce Issues
    3. Contributors
    4. Diversity
    5. Educating for Social Work
    6. Family Centered Practice
    7. Forensic Social Work: Current and Emerging Developments
    8. Gerontology: A Field of Practice
    9. Handbook Preface
    10. Healing the Disjuncture: Social Work Disability Practice
    11. Immigrant and Indigenous Populations: Special Populations in Social Work
    12. International Social Work
    13. Issues in Social Work
    14. Making Social Work Practice More Scientific
    15. Preface
    16. Professional Credentials and Professional Regulations: Social Work Professional Development
    17. Putting Evidence-Based Practice into Practice
    18. School Social Work
    19. Social and Economic Justice
    20. Social Work Organizations
    21. Substance Abuse
    22. The History of Social Work and Social Welfare
    23. The Mental Health Field of Practice
    24. The Scope of Social Work Practice
    25. The Strengths Perspective: Putting Possibility and Hope to Work in Our Practice
    26. Values and Ethics for Professional Social Work Practice
  3. Social Policy and Policy Practice
  4. Social Work Practice