Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare

Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare

Online ISBN: 9780470373705

DOI: 10.1002/9780470373705

About this Book

The Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare, edited by two well-known experts in the field—Karen M. Sowers and Catherine N. Dulmus— presents a thorough and up-to-date review of this rapidly evolving and growing field.

Organized by major foundational areas within the social work curriculum, each volume includes cutting-edge information related to all aspects of this vibrant profession to guide both practice and policy decision making.

  • Covers the entire field of Social Work
  • Includes contributions from experts from a diverse number of countries
  • Ideal for supporting research as well as classroom instruction for both undergraduate and graduate students in social work
  • Expert coverage to enhance professional growth and knowledge for anyone in the helping professions—from the novice to the seasoned professional

This notable multi-volume handbook spans the field of social work, providing a balance of perspectives that includes contributions from experts in the U.S., as well as those from a diverse number of other countries.

NOTE: See Editors & Contributors tab (above) for a Complete Table of Contents for each of the four volumes listed below)

Volume 1: The Profession of Social Work, edited by Barbara W. White, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, contains a broad range of key topics such as the history of social work and social welfare, the scope of social work practice, professional credentials and professional regulations, values and ethics, international social work, and much more.

Volume 2: Human Behavior in the Social Environment, edited by Bruce A. Thyer, PhD, Florida State University, includes information on the conceptual foundations of social work and thorough coverage of theories such as ecosystem theory, cognitive behavioral theory, attachment theory, psychosocial theory, genetic theory, and more.

Volume 3: Social Work Practice, edited by William Rowe, DSW and Lisa A. Rapp-Paglicci, PhD, both of University of South Florida, features practical information on the foundations of social work practice, including evidence-based practice, interviewing skills, and case management. This volume explores both practice and program evaluation, as well as assessment and intervention with children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, families, groups, communities, organizations, and institutions.

Volume 4: Social Policy and Policy Practice, edited by Ira C. Colby, DSW, ACSW, LCSW, University of Houston addresses timely topics such as global perspectives, social justice for marginalized and disadvantaged groups, the evolution of American welfare, policy practice, the U.S. Patriot Act, aging, health care policy, child welfare, and more.

About the Editors-in-Chief

Karen M. Sowers, PhD, is Professor and Dean at the University of Tennessee College of SocialWork in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Catherine N. Dulmus, PhD, is Associate Professor of Social Work and Director of the Buffalo Center for Social Research at the University of Buffalo, New York.