Microwave-Enhanced Polymer Chemistry and Technology

Microwave-Enhanced Polymer Chemistry and Technology

Author(s): Dariusz Bogdał, Aleksander Prociak

Published Online: 15 APR 2008

Print ISBN: 9780813825373

Online ISBN: 9780470390276

DOI: 10.1002/9780470390276

About this Book

While polymer technology forms one of the largest areas of application of microwave technology, and the methods and procedures used therein are among the most developed, there is still a relative lack of published information on the subject.

Microwave-Enhanced Polymer Chemistry and Technology describes novel approaches to polymer processing using microwave technologies. Coverage includes background and scientific data, analysis of processes and product properties in comparison with existing technology, applications that are being used in various approaches, and the status of current research. Features of microwave irradiation, i.e., solvent-free reactions, low waste, energy efficiency, high yield, short reaction time, and possible use of alternative solvents, can play an important role in the development of green chemistry methods.

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