Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science

Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science

Online ISBN: 9780470400531

DOI: 10.1002/9780470400531

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  1. Applications with Societal Impact
  2. Combinatorial Optimization/Integer Programming
  3. Data Mining and Forecasting
  4. Decision Analysis
  5. Decision Analysis Practice: Techniques and Algorithms
  6. Dynamic Programming
  7. Education Issues
  8. Energy and Environment
  9. Financial Applications
  10. Game Theory
  11. Heuristics and Metaheuristics
  12. Industrial Applications
    1. Analytics in Retail
    2. Call Center Management
    3. Campaign Analysis: An Introductory Review
    4. Design Considerations for Supply Chain Tracking Systems
    5. Forecasting Approaches for the High-Tech Industry
    6. The Global Replenishment Problem
    7. Heuristics and Their Use in Military Modeling
    8. Improving Packaging Operations in the Plastics Industry
    9. An Introduction to Platelet Inventory and Ordering Problems
    10. Managing Corporate Mobile Voice Expenses: Plan Choice, Pooling Optimization, and Chargeback
    11. The Nascent Industry of Electric Vehicles
    12. Operations Research Applications in Truckload Freight Transportation Networks
    13. Operations Research Approaches to Asset Management in Freight Rail
    14. Operations Research for Freight Train Routing and Scheduling
    15. Operations Research in Forestry and Forest Products Industry
    16. Optimization for Dispatch and Short-Term Generation in Wholesale Electricity Markets
    17. Optimizing the Aviation Checkpoint Process to Enhance Security and Expedite Screening
    18. Public Health, Emergency Response, and Medical Preparedness I: Medical Surge
    19. Public Health, Emergency Response, and Medical Preparedness II: Medical Countermeasures Dispensing and Large-Scale Disaster Relief Efforts
    20. Public Health, Emergency Response, and Medical Preparedness III: Communication Infrastructure
    21. Public Health, Emergency Response, and Medical Preparedness IV: Emergency Evacuation
    22. Quantum Command and Control Theory
    23. Rent and Rent Loss in the Icelandic Cod Fishery
    24. Revenue Management in the Travel Industry
    25. Rule Developing Experimentation in Consumer-Driven Package Design
    26. Stochastic Modeling and Optimization in Baseball
    27. Tracking Technologies in Supply Chains
    28. Uncertainty in Forest Production Planning
    29. Use of a High-Fidelity UAS Simulation for Design, Testing, Training, and Mission Planning for Operation in Complex Environments
    30. Using Operations Research to Plan Natural Gas Production and Transportation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
    31. Why Traditional Kanban Calculations Fail in Volatile Environments
  13. Linear Programming (LP)
  14. Markov Decision Processes (MDPs)
  15. Medicine and Health Care
  16. Network and Graph Optimization
  17. Nonlinear Programming (NLP) and Global Optimization (GO)
  18. Optimization Software
  19. Optimization under Uncertainty
  20. OR Societies
  21. Problems with Large Numbers of Decision Makers
  22. Qualitative OR
  23. Queueing Theory and Queueing Networks
  24. Reliability and Maintainability
  25. Retail and Service Applications
  26. Risk Analysis
  27. Simulation Modeling and Analysis
  28. Stochastic Optimization
  29. Stochastic Processes
  30. Supply Chain Management
  31. Transportation and Warehousing Systems