Optimization of Power System Operation

Optimization of Power System Operation

Author(s): Jizhong Zhu

Published Online: 28 OCT 2008

Print ISBN: 9780470298886

Online ISBN: 9780470466971

DOI: 10.1002/9780470466971

About this Book

Learn to apply optimization methods to solve power system operation problems

Optimization of Power System Operation applies the latest applications of new technologies to power system operation and analysis, including several new and important content areas that are not covered in existing books: uncertainty analysis in power systems; steady-state security regions; optimal load shedding; and optimal reconfiguration of electric distribution networks.

The book covers both traditional and modern technologies, including power flow analysis, steady-state security region analysis, security-constrained economic dispatch, multi-area system economic dispatch, unit commitment, optimal power flow, reactive power (VAR) optimization, optimal load shed, optimal reconfiguration of distribution network, power system uncertainty analysis, power system sensitivity analysis, analytic hierarchical process, neural network, fuzzy set theory, genetic algorithm, evolutionary programming, and particle swarm optimization, among others. Additionally, new topics such as the wheeling model, multi-area wheeling, the total transfer capability computation in multiple areas, reactive power pricing calculation, and others are also addressed.

Power system engineers, operators, and planners will benefit from this insightful resource. It is also of great interest to advanced undergraduate and graduate students in electrical and power engineering.

Table of contents

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