Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology

Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology

Online ISBN: 9780470479216

DOI: 10.1002/9780470479216

About this Book

Praise for the new edition:

“This 4 volume new edition of a classic work is remarkably comprehensive. The entries are detailed enough to help a novice and concise enough to provide a useful review to an experienced person. I particularly was impressed by the international scope of the entries.

It will be an indispensible resource for both university and public library users.”

George Stricker, Phd, ABPP

Argosy University/Washington DC

Praise for the previous edition:

"…this edition of Corsini is an essential, solid, and important reference work in psychology and behavioral science. Recommended for academic and large public libraries."

Choice, June 2001

"Any Library that has made heavy use of the second edition of this work will want to purchase the new edition. For new buyers, the encyclopedia is recommended for large academic medical libraries."

Medical Reference Services Quarterly, January 2001

"…have done a masterful job of keeping to the philosophy of Raymond Corsini: that the work must first of all be of immediate value and not become a museum piece. Under the editorship of Corsini, the encyclopedia has always championed an international flavor oftopicsand this tradition is carried on in this edition as an international array of scholars give their intelligence to this set. This work is strongly recommended even for libraries possessing the earlier editions."

Libraries Unlimited, Annual 2002

The Classic Psychology Reference—Extensive and Authoritative Coverage…Fully Revised and Expanded

For over 25 years, The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology has been the reference tool psychologists, researchers, academics, and students have turned to for the most up-to-date andextensive coverage of the field of psychology.  The fourth edition of this beloved reference work has been updated and expanded to reflect new research in many exciting areas including  biological and neurological discoveries.

Developed with the guidance of a board of librarians, representing both academic and public institutions, this new edition reflects the intuitive search needs of today’s library consumer—drawing on an enhanced index that provides cross-references between articles that expand the utility and user-friendliness of this practical yet thorough reference.

Extensive Coverage Includes:

§        Biological psychology and neuroscience

§        DSM diagnoses and psychopathological conditions

§        Psychological and psychopharmacological treatment methods

§        Psychological tests, scales, and assessment methods

§        Developmental processes

§        Research methods and statistical procedures

§        Psychological societies and organizations

§        Psychology from around the world

§        Biographical entries on over 600 influential psychologists