Two-Dimensional X-Ray Diffraction

Two-Dimensional X-Ray Diffraction

Author(s): Bob B. He

Print ISBN: 9780470227220

Online ISBN: 9780470502648

DOI: 10.1002/9780470502648


"The author has maintained a very readable style for the whole of this intensely practical and useful book. It should become a standard text for the development of new laboratory systems or for students trying to interpret data from 2D area detector systems of any type. It will also be of use to anyone setting up a 2D system regardless of geometry, since the underlying principles of the scattering process and the projection of that scattering are so lucidly presented." (Crystallography Reviews, March 2011)

"Written by one of the pioneers of the field … .For researchers and graduate students in materials science, chemistry, physics, and pharmaceuticals." (Book News, December 2009)