Ciba Foundation Symposium 176 - The GTPase Superfamily

Ciba Foundation Symposium 176 - The GTPase Superfamily

Editor(s): Joan Marsh, Jamie Goode

Published Online: 28 SEP 2007

Print ISBN: 9780471939146

Online ISBN: 9780470514450

DOI: 10.1002/9780470514450

About this Book

Using a multidisciplinary approach, it features contributions and discussions of the latest research from leading scientists working on all aspects of GTPase activity. Covers all known members of the important superfamily of enzymes--the GTPases. Considers numerous key cellular functions and how they are regulated by GTPases. Also describes various regulatory proteins that modulate GTPase activity.

Table of contents

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    2. Three-Dimensional Structure and Properties of Wild-Type and Mutant H-ras-Encoded p21 (pages 6–27)

      Alfred Wittinghofer, Sybille M. Franken, Axel J. Scheidig, Hans Rensland, Alfred Lautwein, Emil F. Pai and Roger S. Goody

    3. Elongation Factors in Protein Synthesis (pages 28–52)

      B. Kraal, L. Bosch, J. R. Mesters, J. M. de Graaf, L. P. Woudt, E. Vijgenboom, P. W. H. Heinstra, L. A. H. Zeef and C. Boon

    4. RAS Function and Protein Kinase Cascades (pages 53–66)

      Stevan Marcus, Michael Wigler, Hao-Peng Xu, Roymarie Ballester, Makoto Kawamukai and Anthony Polverino

    5. Cell Transformation by ras and Regulation of its Protein Product (pages 67–84)

      Douglas R. Lowy, Maureen R. Johnson, Jeffrey E. Declue, Hui Cen, Ke Zhang, Alex G. Papageorge, William C. Vass, Berthe M. Willumsen, Marcus B. Valentine and A. Thomas Look

    6. Regulators of Small GTPases (pages 128–146)

      Yoshimi Takai, Kozo Kaibuchi, Akira Kikuchi, Takuya Sasaki and Hiromichi Shirataki

    7. Dynamin, a GTPase Involved in the Initial Stages of Endocytosis (pages 185–197)

      Richard B. Vallee, Jonathan S. Herskovits, John G. Aghajanian, Christopher C. Burgess and Howard S. Shpetner

    8. The Cycle of SEC4 Function in Vesicular Transport (pages 218–232)

      Peter Novick, Patrick Brennwald, Nancy C. Walworth, Alisa K. Kabcenell, Michelle Garrett, Mary Moya, Denise Roberts, Heike Müller, Brinda Govindan and Robert Bowser

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