The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology, Third Edition

The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology, Third Edition

Editor(s): Kit L. Yam

Published Online: 8 JAN 2010

Print ISBN: 9780470087046

Online ISBN: 9780470541395

DOI: 10.1002/9780470541395

About this Book

The complete and authoritative guide to modern packaging technologies -updated and expanded

From A to Z, The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology, Third Edition covers all aspects of packaging technologies essential to the food and pharmaceutical industries, among others. This edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded to include important innovations and changes in materials, processes, and technologies that have occurred over the past decade. It is an invaluable resource for packaging technologists, scientists and engineers, students and educators, packaging material suppliers, packaging converters, packaging machinery manufacturers, processors, retailers, and regulatory agencies.

In addition to updating and improving articles from the previous edition, new articles are also added to cover the recent advances and developments in packaging. Content new to this edition includes:

  • Advanced packaging materials such as antimicrobial materials, biobased materials, nanocomposite materials, ceramic-coated films, and perforated films

  • Advanced packaging technologies such as active and intelligent packaging, radio frequency identification (RFID), controlled release packaging, smart blending, nanotechnology, biosensor technology, and package integrity inspection

  • Various aspects important to packaging such as sustainable packaging, migration, lipid oxidation, light protection, and intellectual property

  • Contributions from experts in all-important aspects of packaging

  • Extensive cross-referencing and easy-to-access information on all subjects

  • Large, double-column format for easy reference

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 1

      A (pages 1–70)

      J. T. Sullivan, Andrew Scully, Irving Kaye, Stephen R. Tanny, Montfort Johnsen, Timothy Aidlin, Cristina Nerin, Steve Werblow, Craig D. Boyd, S. Y. Cho, D. S. Lee, J. H. Han, Shiowshuh Sheen, Anne-Marie Seuvre and Andreé Voilley

    3. Chapter 2

      B (pages 71–180)

      Gilles Doyon, Jim Arch, Gilles Doyon, Diana Twede, Bob Drasner, Allan M. Baylis, David R. Kopsilk, Ed Fisher, Frank J. Sweeney, Michael W. Leonard, Bradley Finnigan, Linshu Liu, Joseph Kost, Paul Takhistov, Paul Takhistov, Christopher Irwin, Andrea S. Mandel, Gene A. Foster, Larry Lynch, Richard M. Brasington, Robert Quinn and Peter Henningsen

    4. Chapter 3

      C (pages 181–351)

      Otto L. Heck, Richard Cabori, Joseph H. Hotchkiss, Terre Reingardt, N. F. Nieder, M. B. Eubanks, David Reznik, Fred J. Kraus, George J. Tarulis, A. L. Griff, Burton R. Lundquist, Octavio Orta, C. R. Kuhr, Paul Obolewicz, R. E. Lisiecki, Walter Warren, Eldridge M. Mount, John R. Henry, Richard Ward, J. F. Nairn, T. M. Norpell, G. E. Good, Stefano Farris, Henri Barthel, Eric Hatfield, Larry Horvath, Brad Leonard, Howard R. Leary, Joseph O. Eastlack, Yoon S. Song, Kit L. Yam, Paul J. Zepf and Neal Ferguson

    5. Chapter 4

      D (pages 353–381)

      Dale Voney, Ronald Schultz, J. J. F. Vanveen, W. D. Van Dongen, Dennis E. Young, Gerald A. Gordon, Bruno Poetz, Ernest Wurzer and Richard B. Norment

    6. Chapter 5

      E (pages 383–444)

      Diana Twede, Steve Fowler, Marvin Havens, Michelle Raymond, Susan Selke, Joe Cascio, Michelle Raymond, Kit L. Yam, Luigi Rossi, Frank W. Green, J. A. Gibbons and Michael G. Alsdorf

    7. Chapter 6

      F (pages 445–546)

      F. B. Fairbanks, Noe Obinata, John M. Krochta, Anil G. Doshi, A. B. Robertson, R. H. Nurse, J. S. Siebenaller, John Newton, Eldridge Mount, Nazir Mir, Allen G. Kirk, H. J. G. Van Beek, R. G. Ryder, George D. Wofford, Thomas B. Brighton, Russell J. Hill, Bruce Cuthbertson, Phillip A. Wagner, K. W. Suh, M. H. Tusim, Kit L. Yam, M. H. Perchonok, T. Oziomek, S. J. French, Jack L. Rosette, R. F. Bardsley and Edwin Ho

    8. Chapter 7

      G (pages 547–565)

      Kit L. Yam, Kit L. Yam and Michael W. Davis

    9. Chapter 8

      H (pages 567–580)

      Barbara Blakistone, Yuhuan Chen, Yoon S. Song and Raymond A. Bourque

    10. Chapter 9

      I (pages 581–624)

      Dee Lynn Johnson, Larry Pascucci, R. W. Bassemir, A. J. Bean, Andrew Mills, Kit L. Yam, Joseph W. Miltz, Richard C. Randall and Barry A. Morris

    11. Chapter 11

      L (pages 633–684)

      Steve Werblow, Micha Noah, Ralph A. Simmons, George W. Arndt, William E. Franklin, Terrie K. Boguski, Paul Fry, Thomas Eie, Karen M. Schaich, Robert R. Luise and Diana Twede

    12. Chapter 12

      M (pages 685–806)

      D. Ryan Breese, Eric Hatfield, Al Corning, John P. Colletti, Stephen A. Raper, Colin Benjamin, Laura Bix, Jean Silbereis, Robert Bakish, Ruben J. Hernandez, George J. Huss, Kit L. Yam, Manfred Ossberger, Rauno Lampi, Jeanne M. Lucciarini, Robert L. Trottier, Jeffrey Brandenburg, Emma Hanby, Lynneric Potter, Kit L. Yam and Thomas J. Dunn

    13. Chapter 13

      N (pages 807–837)

      M. D. Sanchez-Garcia, J. M. Lagaron, Susan Selke, Jim Ohlinger, Paul R. Lund, Joseph P. McCaul, J. Robert Wagner, Jean Storlie and Karen Hare

    14. Chapter 14

      O (pages 839–850)

      Gregory V. Pace, Thomas G. Hartman and Stanislav E. Solovyov

    15. Chapter 15

      Pa through Ph (pages 851–957)

      Fritz Yambrach, Laura Bix, Javier De La Fuente, Raghav Prashant Sundar, Hugh Lockhart, P. V. Mahajan, F. A. Rodrigues, M. J. Sousa-Gallagher, Kit L. Yam, Zhi-Wei Wang, P. V. Narayanan, Luciano Piergiovanni, Paul J. Zepf, Gordon L. Robertson, Rafael Gavara, Ramón Catalá, Pilar Hernández-Muñoz, L. T. Luft, B. W. Attwood, Keith A. Zullow, Raivo A. Karmas, Donghwa Chung, M. I. R. M. Santoro and A. K. Singh

    16. Chapter 16

      Po through Pu (pages 958–1047)

      Jennifer Griffin, Dennis A. Cocco, Rafael Auras, Stephen J. Carter, V. Firdaus, P. P. Tong, Norma J. Marashin, Ruben J. Hernandez, Kay Cooksey, R. C. Miller, Phillip A. Wagner, John Sugden, Dong Sun Lee, Kit L. Yam, Montfort A. Johnsen, Arthur J. Taggi, Peter A. Walker, Gilles Doyon, Marco Lagimonière, Pierre Veilleux, Montfort A. Johnsen and Edwin H. Waldman

    17. Chapter 18

      R (pages 1051–1088)

      Hyun Jin Park, Dae Hoon Jeon, William McCombie, Bruce A. Welt, John K. Borchardt and Phil Dodge

    18. Chapter 19

      S (pages 1089–1183)

      Barry A. Morris, Duncan Darby, John Wininger, Kenneth S. Marsh, Robert M. Fiedler, Burt Spottiswode, R. W. Young, David A. Zumbrunnen, Paul Butler, Joseph P. Kerry, Kit L. Yam, Dong Sun Lee, Claire Koelsch Sand, Dannette Fay Casper, Michael J. Greely, J. R. Charters, H. Sean Fremon, Kit L. Yam, D. L. Hartsock, H. H. Schueneman, Chris Dominic, Anne Johnson and Kit L. Yam

    19. Chapter 20

      T (pages 1185–1258)

      Linda L. Butler, Jack L. Rosette, R. W. McKellar, R. L. Sheehan, Lorna Opatow, Patricia D. Guerra Marcondes, Duncan O. Darby, Bert Johnson, Robert Demorest, H. H. Schueneman, Alfred H. McKinlay, Edwin Ho, Vivek Chougule, Matt Piercy, R. Paul Singh, Mark B. Eubanks, Alfred H. McKinlay, Mary Alice Opfer, Huston Keith, Thomas Miller, T. J. Boedekker and Christopher White

    20. Chapter 22

      W (pages 1271–1279)

      Harry Kannry, Gary Latto and Edwin Ho

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