Nonlinear Biomedical Signal Processing: Dynamic Analysis and Modeling, Volume 2

Nonlinear Biomedical Signal Processing: Dynamic Analysis and Modeling, Volume 2

Editor(s): Metin Akay

Published Online: 7 JUN 2012 10:56AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780780360129

Online ISBN: 9780470545379

DOI: 10.1002/9780470545379

About this Book

Featuring current contributions by experts in signal processing and biomedical engineering, this book introduces the concepts, recent advances, and implementations of nonlinear dynamic analysis methods. Together with Volume I in this series, this book provides comprehensive coverage of nonlinear signal and image processing techniques. Nonlinear Biomedical Signal Processing: Volume II combines analytical and biological expertise in the original mathematical simulation and modeling of physiological systems. Detailed discussions of the analysis of steady-state and dynamic systems, discrete-time system theory, and discrete modeling of continuous-time systems are provided. Biomedical examples include the analysis of the respiratory control system, the dynamics of cardiac muscle and the cardiorespiratory function, and neural firing patterns in auditory and vision systems. Examples include relevant MATLAB® and Pascal programs.

Topics covered include:

  • Nonlinear dynamics
  • Behavior and estimation
  • Modeling of biomedical signals and systems
  • Heart rate variability measures, models, and signal assessments
  • Origin of chaos in cardiovascular and gastric myoelectrical activity
  • Measurement of spatio-temporal dynamics of human epileptic seizures

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 2

      Searching for the Origin of Chaos (pages 40–71)

      Tomoyuki Yambe, Makoto Yoshizawa, Kou-ichi Tabayashi and Shin-ichi Nitta

    3. Chapter 6

      Heart Rate Variability: Measures and Models (pages 159–213)

      Malvin C. Teich, Steven B. Lowen, Bradley M. Jost, Karin Vibe-Rheymer and Conor Heneghan

    4. Chapter 9

      Detecting Nonlinear Dynamics in Sympathetic Activity Directed to the Heart (pages 246–262)

      Alberto Porta, Giuseppe Baselli, Nicola Montano, Alberto Malliani and Sergio Cerutti

    5. Chapter 11

      Nonlinear Deterministic Behavior in Blood Pressure Control (pages 282–293)

      Nigel Lovell, Bruce Henry, Branko Celler, Fernando Camacho, Drew Carlson and Martha Connolly

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