Ceramics in Nuclear Applications

Ceramics in Nuclear Applications

Editor(s): Yutai Katoh, Alex Cozzi, Dileep Singh, Jonathan Salem

Published Online: 14 JAN 2010

Print ISBN: 9780470457603

Online ISBN: 9780470584002

DOI: 10.1002/9780470584002

About this Book

Provides a useful one-stop resource for understanding the most valuable aspects of ceramics in nuclear applications.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Silicon Carbide and Carbon Composites

  2. Part 2: Mechanical Properties

  3. Part 3: Material and Component Processing

    1. Design, Fabrication, and Testing of Silicon Infiltrated Ceramic Plate-Type Heat Exchangers (pages 93–111)

      J. Schmidt, M. Scheiffele, M. Crippa, P. F. Peterson, K. Sridharan, Y. Chen, L.C. Olson, M.H. Anderson and T.R. Allen

  4. Part 4: Ceramics for Fuel Coating

    1. Laser Melting of Spark Plasma Sintered Zirconium Carbide: Thermophysical Properties of a Generation IV Very High Temperature Reactor Material (pages 161–172)

      Heather F. Jackson, Doni J. Daniel, William J. Clegg, Mike J. Reece, Fawad Inam, Dario Manara, Carlo Perinetti Casoni, Franck De Bruycker, Konstantinos Boboridis and William E. Lee

  5. Part 5: Nuclear Fuels and Wastes

    1. Ceramic Coated Particles for Safe Operation in HTRs and in Long-Term Storage (pages 193–202)

      Heinz Nabielek, Hanno van der Menwe, Johannes Fachinger, Karl Verfondern, Werner von Lensa, Bernd Grambow and Eva de Visser-Tynova

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