Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology III

Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology III

Editor(s): Sanjay Mathur, Mrityunjay Singh, Dileep Singh, Jonathan Salem

Published Online: 14 JAN 2010

Print ISBN: 9780470457573

Online ISBN: 9780470584378

DOI: 10.1002/9780470584378

About this Book

This useful resource will help you understand the most valuable aspects of nanostructured materials and nanotechnology. Containing 16 peer-reviewed papers, this issue covers various aspects and the latest developments related to processing, modeling and manufacturing technologies of nanoscaled materials including CNT and clay-based composites, nanowire-based sensors, new generation photovoltaic cells, plasma processing of functional thin films, ceramic membranes and self-assembled functional nanostructures.

Table of contents

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    2. Nanowires as Building Blocks of New Devices: Present State and Prospects (pages 1–8)

      F. Hernandez-Ramirez, J. D. Prades, R. Rodriguez-Diaz, A. Romano-Rodriguez, J. R. Morante and S. Mathur

    3. Fabrication of the Finestructured Alumina Porous Materials with Nanoimprint Method (pages 61–65)

      Hong Dae Kim, Tadachika Nakayama, Jun Yoshimura, Kazuyoshi Imaki, Takeshi Yoshimura, Hisayuki Suematsu, Tsuneo Suzuki and Koichi Niihara

    4. Constituent Phases of Nanosized Alumina Powders Synthesized by Pulsed Wire Discharge (pages 89–98)

      Satoru Ishihara, Yoshinori Tokoi, Yuu Shikoda, Hisayuki Suematsu, Tsuneo Suzuki, Tadachika Nakayama and Koichi Niihara

    5. Adhesion Improvement of Hard Boron Nitride Films by Insertion of Various lnterlayers (pages 111–117)

      Tetsutaro Ohori, Hiroki Asami, Jun Shirahata, Tsuneo Suzuki, Tadachika Nakayama, Hisayuki Suematsu and Koichi Niihara

    6. Synthesis of Aluminum Nitride Nanosized Powder by Pulsed Wire Discharge without Ammonia (pages 143–153)

      Yoshinori Tokoi, Tsuneo Suzuki, Tadachika Nakayama, Hisayuki Suematsu, Futao Kaneko and Koichi Niihara

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