Biocatalysis and Biomolecular Engineering

Biocatalysis and Biomolecular Engineering

Editor(s): Ching T. Hou, Jei-Fu Shaw

Published Online: 19 JUL 2010

Print ISBN: 9780470487594

Online ISBN: 9780470608524

DOI: 10.1002/9780470608524

About this Book

An expert overview of new technologies guiding the construction of a sustainable society

This compendium of important insights from sixty distinguished international scholars looks at the significant advances in progressive environmental technology-especially the molecular engineering used on plants, animals, and microorganisms-as the game changer in the high-stakes race to reverse earth-damaging practices.

Biocatalysis and Biomolecular Engineering covers subject matter on the latest developments in eco-friendly and energy-saving manufacturing processes with the emphasis on agricultural technology and bio-based products. Focusing its study on remedies that show promise in curing food and energy ills, this book examines groundbreaking work in various fields, such as nutraceuticals, genetic engineering of agricultural products, and bioenergy. Biocatalysis and Biomolecular Engineering:

  • Can be used as a reference by teachers, graduate students, and industrial scientists who conduct research in bioscience and biotechnology

  • Serves as the first book to bring together fundamentals and leading-edge technologies for the development of bio-based industrial products through biocatalysis; for example, it discusses the preparation of biofunctional micro- and nanoparticles

  • Contains chapters by international experts from academia, industry, and government research institutes

Biocatalysis and Biomolecular Engineering builds a cohesive, well thought out case for nurturing new discoveries in eco-technology by inviting critical discussion on devising viable solutions to sustaining the future wellness of humankind.

Table of contents

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  1. Section I: Improvement of Agronomic and Microbial Traits

    1. Chapter 5

      Improving Value of Oil Palm Using Genetic Engineering (pages 67–81)

      Ghulam Kadir Ahmad Parveez, Abrizah Othman, Umi Salamah Ramli, Ravigadevi Sambanthamurthi, Abdul Masani Mat Yunus, Ahmad Tarmizi Hashim, Ahmad Kushairi Din and Mohd Basri Wahid

    2. Chapter 7

      Modification of Lipid Composition by Genetic Engineering in Oleaginous Marine Microorganism, Thraustochytrid (pages 99–104)

      Tsunehiro Aki, Hiroaki Iwasaka, Hirofumi Adachi, Maya Nanko, Hiroko Kawasaki, Seiji Kawamoto, Toshihide Kakizono and Kazuhisa Ono

  2. Section II: Functional Foods and Biofuels

    1. Chapter 18

      Omics Applications to Biofuel Research (pages 265–276)

      Tzi-Yuan Wang, Hsin-Liang Chen, Wen-Hsiung Li, Huang-Mo Sung and Ming-Che Shih

  3. Section III: Renewable Bioproducts

    1. Chapter 19

      Biotechnological Uses of Phospholipids (pages 277–298)

      Jeong Jun Han, Jae Kwang Song, Joon Shick Rhee and Suk Hoo Yoon

    2. Chapter 25

      Biocatalytic Production of Lactobionic Acid (pages 391–404)

      Hirofumi Nakano, Takaaki Kiryu, Taro Kiso and Hiromi Murakami

    3. Chapter 27

      Production of Value-Added Products by Lactic Acid Bacteria (pages 421–435)

      Siqing Liu, Kenneth M. Bischoff, Yebo Li, Fengjie Cui, Hassan Azaizeh and Ahmed Tafesh

    4. Chapter 28

      Enzymatic Synthesis of Glycosides Using Alpha-Amylase Family Enzymes (pages 437–445)

      Kazuhisa Sugimoto, Takahisa Nishimura, Koji Nomura, Hiromi Nishiura and Takashi Kuriki

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