Transverse Disciplines in Metrology

Transverse Disciplines in Metrology

Author(s): French College of Metrology

Published Online: 3 FEB 2010

Print ISBN: 9781848210486

Online ISBN: 9780470611371

DOI: 10.1002/9780470611371

About this Book

Based on The International Metrology Congress meeting, this reference examines the evolution of metrology, and its applications in industry, environment and safety, health and medicine, economy and quality, and new information and communication technologies; details the improvement of measurement procedures to guarantee the quality of products and processes; and discusses the development of metrology linked to innovating technologies. The themes of the Congress (quality and reliability of measurement, measurement uncertainties, calibration, verification, accreditation, sensory metrology, regulations and legal metrology) are developed either in a general way or applied to a specific economic sector or to a specific scientific field.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Chemistry – Statistics/Gas Analysis

  2. Part 2: Hydraulic Quantities

  3. Part 3: Recent Development of the ITS

  4. Part 4: The SI, Now and Tomorrow

  5. Part 5: Health and Safety

  6. Part 6: Metrological Tools and Means

  7. Part 7: Environment

  8. Part 8: Dimensional Metrology and Uncertainty

  9. Part 9: Innovation and Knowledge Transfer

    1. The iMERA/EUROMET Joint Research Project for New Determinations of the Boltzmann Constant (pages 383–398)

      J. Fischer, B. Fellmuth, Ch. Gaiser, N. Haft, W. Buck, L. Pitre, C. Guianvarc'h, F. Sparasci, D. Truong, Y. Hermier, Ch. Chardonnet, Ch. Bordé, R. M. Gavioso, G. Benedetto, P. A. Giuliano Albo, A. Merlone, R. Spagnolo, L. Gianfrani, G. Casa, A. Castrillo, P. Laporta, G. Galzerano, G. Machin, M. De Podesta, G. Sutton, J. Ireland, E. Usadi and N. Fox

  10. Part 10: Uncertainty

    1. A European project SysPAQ (pages 467–480)

      Birgit Müller, Arne Dahms, Dirk Müller, Henrik N. Knudsen, Alireza Afshari, Pawel Wargocki, Bjarne Olesen, Birgitta Berglund, Olivier Ramalho, Joachim Goschnick, Oliver Jann, Wolfgang Horn, Daniel Nesa, Eric Chanie and Mika Ruponen

  11. Part 11: Electricity

    1. Binary Josephson Array Power Standard (pages 511–524)

      R. Behr, L. Palafox, J. M. Williams, S. Djordjevic, G. Eklund, H. E. Van Den Brom, B. Jeanneret, J. Nissilä, A. Katkov and S. P. Benz

  12. Part 12: Legal Metrology

  13. Part 13: Monte Carlo

  14. Part 14: Mass

  15. Part 15: Optic – Time Frequency

  16. Part 16: Statistics

  17. Part 17: Overview

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