Materials and Acoustics Handbook

Materials and Acoustics Handbook

Editor(s): Michel Bruneau, Catherine Potel

Published Online: 2 FEB 2010

Print ISBN: 9781848210745

Online ISBN: 9780470611609

DOI: 10.1002/9780470611609

About this Book

Written by a group of acoustics and vibration specialists, this book studies the acoustic and vibrating phenomena that occur in diverse materials used for all kinds of purposes. The first part studies the fundamental aspects of propagation: analytical, numerical and experimental. The second part outlines industrial and medical applications. Covering a wide range of topics that associate materials science with acoustics, this will be of invaluable use to researchers, engineers, or practitioners in this field, as well as students in acoustics, physics, and mechanics.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Homogenous and Homogenous Stratified Media: Linear Model of Propagation

    1. Chapter 1

      Equations of Propagation (pages 1–28)

      Jean-François de Belleval, Catherine Potel and Philippe Gatignol

    2. Chapter 2

      Interaction of a Plane Wave and a Plane Interface (pages 29–59)

      Philippe Gatignol, Catherine Potel and Jean François de Belleval

    3. Chapter 3

      Propagation of Plane Waves in Multilayered Media (pages 61–95)

      Catherine Potel, Jean François de Belleval, Michel Castaings and Philippe Gatignol

    4. Chapter 4

      Propagation in Continuously Stratified Media (pages 97–111)

      Cécile Baron, Olivier Poncelet, Alexander Shuvalov and Marc Deschamps

    5. Chapter 5

      Modal Waves in Plane Structures (pages 113–145)

      Philippe Gatignol, Catherine Potel and Jean François de Belleval

  2. Part 2: Porous and Stratified Porous Media Linear Models of Propagation

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  3. Part 3: Experimental and Numerical Methods

    1. Chapter 14

      Modeling of Ultrasonic Beams (pages 359–397)

      Jean-François De Belleval, Nicolas Gengembre, Alain Lhémery and Pierre Calmon

  4. Part 4: Nonlinear Acoustics

  5. Part 5: The Green Function in Anisotropic Media

  6. Part 6: Linear Methods of Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation

    1. Chapter 22

      Flaw Detection by Lamb Waves (pages 595–607)

      Catherine Potel, Philippe Gatignol and Jean-François de Belleval

  7. Part 7: Characterization of Poroelastic Materials

    1. Chapter 25

      Metrology of Physical Parameters of Absorbing Materials (pages 675–718)

      Michel Henry, Christophe Ayrault, Bernard Castagnède, Zine El Abidine Fellah, Claude Depollier, Mohamed Fellah, Walter Lauriks and Sohbi Sahraoui

  8. Part 8: Biomedical Field

    1. Chapter 30

      Medical Ultrasonography (pages 793–825)

      François Tranquart, Aurore Bleuzen, Bruno Richard and Léandre Pourcelot

    2. Chapter 33

      Ultrasound and Therapy (pages 863–878)

      Cyril Lafon, Dominique Cathignol and Jean-Yves Chapelon

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