Bridge to Organic Chemistry, The

Bridge to Organic Chemistry, The

Author(s): Claude H. Yoder, Phyllis A. Leber, Marcus W. Thomsen

Print ISBN: 9780470526767

Online ISBN: 9780470636350

DOI: 10.1002/9780470636350

Author Biography

About the Author

CLAUDE H. YODER has been teaching general chemistry for over forty years. During that time, he has published over 130 scientific articles and three texts. He has also won many awards and honors throughout his career, including the ACS Undergraduate Research Award in 1994, and his most recent, the E. Emmett Reid ACS Award in 2008.

PHYLLIS A. LEBER is currently a professor at Franklin & Marshall College. Dr. Leber has been teaching general and organic chemistry for over thirty years. During that time, she has won many awards and honors, and more recently, the Dr. E. Paul and Frances H. Reiff Professor Endowed Chair in 2001 and the Bradley R. Dewey Scholarship Award from Franklin & Marshall College in 2005. Dr. Leber has published over forty articles throughout her career.

MARCUS W. THOMSEN is currently a professor at Franklin & Marshall College and has been teaching for over twenty-five years. He has taught general chemistry, organic chemistry, advanced organic chemistry, and polymer chemistry.