Anticholinesterase Pesticides: Metabolism, Neurotoxicity, and Epidemiology

Anticholinesterase Pesticides: Metabolism, Neurotoxicity, and Epidemiology

Editor(s): Tetsuo Satoh, Ramesh C. Gupta

Published Online: 28 MAR 2011 12:05PM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470410301

Online ISBN: 9780470640500

DOI: 10.1002/9780470640500

About this Book

This book offers an important reference source about the most common classes of pesticides for researchers engaged in the area of neurotoxicology, metabolism, and epidemiology. The book presents details about thorough characterization of target and non-target enzymes and proteins involved in toxicity and metabolism; and epidemiology of poisonings and fatalities in people from short- and long- term exposures to these pesticides in different occupational settings on an individual country basis as well as on a global basis. The early portion of the book deals with metabolism, mechanisms and biomonitoring of anticholinesterase pesticides, while the later part deals with epidemiological studies, regulatory issues, and therapeutic intervention.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Metabolism and Mechanisms

    1. Chapter 2

      Genomic Implications of Anticholinesterase Sensitivities (pages 19–24)

      Jonathan E. Cohen, Alon Friedman, Gabrial Zimmermann and Hermona Soreq

    2. Chapter 5

      Carboxylesterases in the Metabolism and Toxicity of Pesticides (pages 57–75)

      Colin J. Jackson, John G. Oakeshott, Juan C. Sanchez-Hernandez and Craig E. Wheelock

  2. Part II: Toxicity and Biomonitoring

    1. Chapter 11

      Involvement of Oxidative Stress in Anticholinesterase Pesticide Toxicity (pages 133–147)

      Dejan Milatovic, Michael Aschner, Ramesh C. Gupta, Snjezana Zaja-Milatovic and Gregory Barnes

    2. Chapter 14

      Gene Expression (pages 175–188)

      Shirin Pournourmohammadi and Mohammad Abdollahi

    3. Chapter 15

      Organophosphates as Endocrine Disruptors (pages 189–202)

      Shigeyuki Kitamura, Kazumi Sugihara, Nariaki Fujimoto and Takeshi Yamazaki

    4. Chapter 18

      Neurotoxicity of Organophosphates and Carbamates (pages 237–265)

      Kiran Dip Gill, Govinder Flora, Vidhu Pachauri and Swaran J. S. Flora

    5. Chapter 20

      Novel Biomarkers of Organophosphate Exposure (pages 289–302)

      Tetsuo Satoh, Salmaan H. Inayat-Hussain, Michihiro Kamijima and Jun Ueyama

  3. Part III: Epidemiological Studies

  4. Part IV: Regulatory Aspects

  5. Part V: Medical Treatment of Poisoning with Organophosphates and Carbamates

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