Allergen Management in the Food Industry

Allergen Management in the Food Industry

Editor(s): Joyce I. Boye, Samuel Benrejeb Godefroy

Published Online: 4 AUG 2010

Print ISBN: 9780470227350

Online ISBN: 9780470644584

DOI: 10.1002/9780470644584

About this Book

This book comprehensively addresses the sources of allergenic contaminants in foods, their fate during processing, and the specific measures that need to be taken to minimize their occurrence in foods. The book provides up-to-date information on the nine major allergens (as well as other emerging allergens) and practical guidelines on how these allergens can be identified and controlled during production and processing. Starting with an introduction to food allergens, the book follows with sections on food allergen management during production and processing, guidelines for the processing of specific allergen-free foods, techniques for hypo-allergenization and allergen detection, and allergen-free certification.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Food Allergy and the Consumer

    1. Chapter 2

      Protecting Food-Allergic Consumers: Managing Allergens across the Food Supply Chain (pages 33–52)

      Sandra Kerbach, Anton J. Alldrick, Rene W.R. Crevel, Lilla Dömötör, Audrey Dunngalvin, E.N. Clare Mills, Sylvia Pfaff, Roland E. Poms, Sandor Tömösközi and Bert Popping

  2. Part II: General Principles for Allergen Management and Control

  3. Part III: Processing Foods Free from Specific Allergens

    1. Chapter 10

      Fish and Shellfish Allergens (pages 271–287)

      Angelina O. Danquah, Joyce I. Boye and Benjamin K. Simpson

  4. Part IV: Risk Assessment and Risk Management

    1. Chapter 16

      The Challenges of Precautionary Labeling (pages 453–472)

      Fiona Fleming, Kirsten Grinter, Kim Leighton, Kevin Norman, Chris Preston and Maria Said

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